Thank you, Scotland!

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I stumbled out of bed shortly after 600am, turned the television on, made a cup of tea and sat down to watch the results from the Scottish Independence vote. And I found out, almost immediately, that Scotland had rejected independence to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

Thank you, Scotland. It was what I wanted, it was how I voted.

I’m not going to try to sound triumphalist. The referendum has shown Scotland to be a country divided (55/45) for and against independence, so clearly there are going to be issues that need to be addressed in the coming days, weeks and months to get us all pulling together again.

It’s a great country. A great place to live.

What I would say is that Westminster (i.e. the UK parliament that sits in London) has made promises on which it must deliver, and the relationships between various parts of the UK have been irrevocably altered as a result of the referendum taking place. They are altered irrespective of the result.

What is on the table now for us living in Scotland is ‘Devo Max’ – maximum devolution – which would allegedly see us in Scotland have more powers devolved away from Westminster to the Scottish parliament at Holyrood, in Edinburgh.

Naturism is, shall we say, limited in Scotland. There’s aspects of the lifestyle not best suited to the land. The cold. The midges (small flies that proliferate in summer). The thistles (you don’t want those scraping on a naked thigh or other even more tender parts). NakedScotland do a good job in keeping us informed of what’s happening within limited possibilities.

What I’d hope for now, in the wake of this vote, is that Scots naturists seize the opportunity to look at this Devo-Max potential for their own ends, and lobby strongly the case that we, Scotland, can frame our own laws which are rather more enlightened (Scotland is the home of the European Enlightenment movement, remember) that the rest of the UK. Despite the local weather, flora and fauna issues we face, now’s the time to make Scotland a beacon within the UK where naturist rights are understood and accepted.

Now’s the time for us, with our perhaps semi-independent thought processes, to take just that one small arena of living and enshrine naturism’s acceptability here in Scotland, to get more people involved and to improve resources for them.


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