jose threadbare5_001bI’m going to have to ask you to be patient with me for a few weeks. After taking a sabbatical from work, I’m back, and in a slightly different job than before. Thus, I’m do some training for this new position. As anyone who has ever changed jobs within a company will know, it doesn’t really matter that you know x,y or z about that company, a period of training for a new role is still mentally exhausting. I always say that it requires a few weeks, sometimes months, depending on whats involved, to get yourself up to speed in a different role. And then there’s the ‘homework’. It’s usually my experience that a new role comes with several hefty systems & processes manuals that you don’t need to know word for word, but do need to know thoroughly.

And so I’ve been sitting at nights, either brain dead or buried in large folders that aren’t sinking in by the time I get home 🙂

So I’m sorry to say that SL and SLN have taken a back seat for the past week or so because of this and, just prior to that, following wall-to-wall coverage of the ‘fallout’ from Scotland’s rejection of independence.

But it’s the weekend, and time to play! I’ll try to get a few SL posts up over the weekend, but beware! The same posting processes may follow for at least a couple more weeks until I get through the training period and get back into the work patterns I’m more familiar with.

Monday to Friday silences, followed by weekend activity.jose threadbare4_001b

I stopped off for a panini and a glass of wine for dinner with colleagues on the way home last night, and got to poking around SL as usual, to see what I’ve missed over the past five days (I’d not logged in or even looked at anyone else’s blogs) and I noted that a new, small naturist location has opened, called Threadbare Forest.

Decked out in its autumnal glory (we like that!), Threadbare’s quite a small sim, devoid of sex poses (we like that!) and a lot of distractions at the moment, so the emphasis is clearly on the social aspect of SL (we like that!). It’s hard to take bad photographs in this delightful sim that we shall certainly be keeping a keen eye on.


ella threadbare1_001b



Oh…and I should make it clear that Jose, featured in the photographs in this post, is our new photographer/staff writer. I’ve been anxious to get a male writer on board for some time, and give us a male perspective on naturism, and Jose will be performing a dual writing/photography function in the future.