Naturism & a real social life.

I was at a (pop) concert recently and was surprised by the number of people living the experience ‘second hand’. That is, they were mainly watching it through the screens of their smart phones!

Look at any bus queue, sit on any public transport, and we’re all addicted to the devices, texting, surfing the net, and unaware of our surroundings, unaware of the life going on around us.

Go to a sports arena and it’s the same. Rather than watching the game, we’re texting friends to say how good the game is (how do we know, faces buried in our phones?).

I guess there are some remaining areas where the smartphone takes second place in life. I’d imagine out on the golf course might be one, where the players mark their cards, take their shots or walk with their buggies. For the duration of the game, they’re focused on the game.

I know there are some places on earth, and some cultures, where speaking with strangers is considered ‘weird’. London, when I lived there, was one such place where you didn’t nod your head or say ‘good morning’ to people you passed. And I found it strange, when I moved to Scotland, that total strangers would stop to speak in a supermarket, or at a bus stop. But that’s the friendlier culture they grew up in. Pockets of sociability remain.


Naturism: where strangers, stripped of their anti-social electronic devices, quickly make new friends.

Yes, of course there are areas where we do manage to get away from our damned smartphones! Which is why naturism is such a breath of non-digital air.

It remains, at heart, an exceptionally social activity. Couples and families participate in it. And naturists, quite literally laid bare, have nothing to hide. They don’t do bulls***.

Naturism: the sound of laughter and feeling truly alive.

This makes them open, honest and approachable. Social beings. They will strike up (language barrier permitting in a very international location like the one I’m sat in now) conversations with their neighbours, with people on the next sun bed, with people in the bar, with people in the swimming pool. I get this all the time, and it’s not because I’m young(ish) and female. The same people can and do strike up conversations with Mr. Keng as well, regardless of whether we go to the pool or beach as a couple or individually.

And because of this, we have ended up with a sizeable number of friends and acquaintances here. People we talk to.

While we might not know people who live just a few doors away from us at home, here we’ve got to know a good number of people very well. Others we’re only on nodding or ‘good morning’ basis with only because of the language barrier. I speak OK French & some Spanish, so with a bit of three languages, a bit of pointing and hand gestures and a bit of jumbled up conversations that begin in French, switch to Spanish and conclude in English, we get by! 🙂

Because of the open minded, open hearted nature of naturists (oh how some bits of society and the world could learn from those values!) those who are our friends will introduce us to their friends, who in turn become our friends too. I’ve not been lost for conversation here. I will head to the pool, and ‘good morning’ turns into a bit of conversation about the weather, and introductions are made. Next time we come out, those people remember our names, and we theirs.


Naturism: a sociable lifestyle and a great way to make new and genuine friends.

Think about it. We spend a lot of time outdoors (don’t go into direct sunlight too long, though! Always factor up!) benefitting from the sun, in clean, fresh air. The heat diminishes the appetite, and we rapidly turn our attentions to healthier eating. We swim, we walk the beach, giving us pleasurable exercise. And we benefit from proper social interaction with others, looking through a window into their world, allowing them to peer into ours.


Naturism: It’s all about meeting with and enjoying the company of others.

Earlier this week I have made a new Spanish female friend on the same urbanisation I use, and tomorrow, my last full naturist day of 2014 😦 , I’m meeting up with a friend of a friend, first time I’ll have met this chap in real life (although we’ve communicated quite often on a naturist forum we both use). Another week, another two friends who will remain friends, people I shall want to socialise with, when I get back here next year.

If that diminishing sense of sociability and real friends (not names on, say, Facebook) is something you yearn for, naturism is certainly a lifestyle you certainly want to consider getting involved in. Of course I’d recommend it! But if you’ve not tried it yet, it’s certainly something you want to start planning to get involved in in 2015.

And, do you know, those same values percolate from RL into SL and SL naturism? The open, friendly values of RL naturism are replicated in SL, with agendas and sexual tension being stripped away with the clothes. More on this in a subsequent posting.


Look of the day…look of the week (every day, every week)

couple on street_001b


Every time I visit a naturist site, there’s a familiar look to couples who pass by, whether it’s on the beach or in a campsite. And that’s the fully nude male, pareo-clad female couple.

Ladies will throw on a pareo for the trip from an urbanisation (here) or their campsite (in France or Croatia, perhaps) to the beach or swimming pool. It’s not a ‘modesty’ thing. Often the breeze will catch a pareo and leave your private parts fully exposed, for example. And here in Spain, where it’s breezy most afternoons, you could just as readily be walking to the beach effectively ‘bottomless’ anyway.

Me? I do throw on a pareo from time to time.  There’s no hard and fast rules, it’s just whatever mood I happen to be in at a given time of day. Breakfast on the terrace might involve throwing a pareo around myself to offer a flimsy protection for the cool morning air.

I walked down to the beach bar for morning coffee earlier with it on, I walked back with it in my bag 🙂

Why do we naturist ladies do it? It’s that ‘hygiene’ thing, not sweating into a chair. When Mr. Keng is with me he’ll walk fully nude beside pareo-clad me, but I will have his pareo in my bag so he can use it to sit on.

Of course, as soon as any lady gets to the beach or swimming pool, it’s unconcernedly, confidently removed. But we still keep them around, and wear them, almost as part of a naturist ‘uniform’.


Is it weird?

‘Hey Ella’, an avatar IMs, ‘I love reading SLN’. Thanks, I love the fact that you love reading it.

‘I couldn’t help notice that you’re in Vera Playa this week. I’ve stayed there too and love the lifestyle but there’s one thing I find odd. And that’s at the weekend, when many Spanish people drive down to the beach for the afternoon and the it can be 2-3 males and a female, or the other way round. It makes me think a couple are involved and there’s maybe a couple of male friends who are getting to see your girlfriend naked, or the other way around. I’d be weirded out to think that my brother or best friend was seeing my girl ‘.

Hmmm…I don’t think it’s weird. First and foremost, you’re maybe sexualising a naturist situation thinking like that. You need to see it in a fuller naturist context. Remember: in situations where there’s naturist facilities, you grow up with that culture. You’ve maybe been visiting the beach from the age of 7 or 17 and public nudity has been a normal part of your life. And as such the naked body doesn’t hold the sexual focus it would have for someone growing up in a textile environment.

That’s not to say that you won’t become aroused in a sexual situation, you will, but naturism doesn’t equate to sex.

The chances are that you’ve visited the beach with your friends, a peer group, and have been nude on the beach for quite a long time. You may have grown up in a naturist family environment and seen your siblings naked for as long as you recall. And it’s all so normal and dull.

You don’t say whether you visited Vera with a girlfriend or wife, or if you socialised with anyone. But I imagine, in both instances, you did.

So…how did you feel about others looking at your girl/wife? I would think that you probably weren’t overly concerned or giving it any thought. So what difference do you think might exist where, if you’re local, you go to the beach with your brother and your girlfriend? Or your wife and your best friend?

No one will be looking at another person in a sense of sexual desire any more or less than they would on a textile beach. Simply because people are fully nude will not make one jot of difference to ‘sexual chemistry’.

I would imagine there will be those visit textile beaches this afternoon across the globe who are ‘ogling’ their brother or friend’s girl in her bikini, trying to imagine what lies underneath. Human nature being what it is, that is maybe the case in naturism too. But I’d be fairly confident that in 99% of naturist contexts, the parties involved don’t care and don’t notice.

trioShe has come to the naturist beach with her boyfriend and his brother. Does the naturism add or subtract from potential sexual attraction? No.

Is the man on the left concerned that his brother and his best friend are seeing his wife nude?

In conclusion, I would say that no, it’s not ‘weird’ that a gender imbalance exists for groups of people choosing to visit the naturist beach, and not made ‘weird’ by familial or social links.


Look of the day…look of the week.

ella beach tank_001b

Here I am at Su Casa, one of SLN’s office bases in SL. I’ve wandered away from our office at the lighthouse, and along the beach, to replicate my morning stroll/swim here in Spain.

I pretty much have a well-established routine regarding this. At this time of year 900am is when the sun’s up and warming up, so I’ll pop on a tank top -for reasons that will become clear momentarily.

When I get to the beach I can either take the tank top off and my flip flops and pop them down on the sand knowing it’ll be there when I come back for them 30-40 minutes later. I’m now only in the possession of the key I need to get back into the apartment, and that’s hung on a chain around my neck.

And so I’ll set off on my walk, covering the full length of Vera Playa’s naturist beach. Of course, if there’s any cloud around I tend to keep my tank top on, because if the sun slips behind a cloud early in the morning it can still feel a little chilly.

Once back to my clothes, or what there are of them, I then take my morning sea swim. Not so much a swim as a ‘float on my back’ session. The beach can be beautifully quiet at this time of the day. The odd dog walker, perhaps a couple or two, and then numerous people on their own, like me, who are utilising the beach for part of their daily fitness regime. Some walk, some jog. Me? I walk 🙂

Once out of the water, any breeze will make one shiver, and that’s why I use the tank top. It’s something I can pop on for a moment or two until I do begin to warm through. That process only takes a couple of minutes.

ella beach tank2_001b



ella beach notank_001b




It’s a magical time of the day.

What’s more, this tank top & bottomless look appears to be in vogue with women right now. And I stand by what I said about pubic hair earlier in the week. It’s slowly but surely coming back into vogue too! I spotted two women today who’d adopted that look, and some others earlier in the week as well.

Another part of my morning routine has also been to have morning coffee at the closest beach bar to me here. With sunshades erected, it doesn’t feel oppressively hot on my pale-ish skin, and it’s a delight to sit there watching people setting up on the beach for the day, and indulging in a favourite Vera Playa pastime, promenading the length of the beach, just as I’ve done at a more suitable, cooler time of day.







An Apology from Pookes

Hi guys,

I’d like to offer my sincere apologies for cocking-up when off in Croatia on my recent vacation. I fully expected that we’d have easy access to a wi-fi signal, as I had it in Croatia, but in a different naturist campsite, last year.


Ella was going to be stepping back into the editor’s chair at the beginning of September anyway, so I’m glad that she was able to leap back in whenever I managed to get online in an ‘internet cafe’ (remember them???) to signal my predicament.

I’m back in the UK now, and normal service from me resumes shortly. In future I’ll be more careful to ensure that I do have some internet access while camping!


Pornification of the penis

Earlier in the week I spoke about how the removal of (mainly) female pubic hair represented something of a pornification of the female parts, the porn-industry instigating it (in more recent times) for ‘more detail’.

But it isn’t just the female of the species who have had their parts ‘pornified’ in recent decades.

Look at many vintage naturist photos of males and you will quickly see that their penises often appear to be somewhat ‘smaller’ than in more up to date photos.







But let’s hold on here a moment. These aren’t ‘smaller’ penises. They’re real, averagely sized penises. Captured in their real, averagely sized flaccid states.

Many photos of nude males, today, are much more focused on a larger sized penis, thus skewing the perception of what is real, what is average. There’s also a need for penises to now also be photographed erect, with a need to work in an ‘oh my god!’ factor. A separate issue for another day perhaps.

Picture, if you will (I’m not about to add examples in SLN!) a photo series of a woman performing oral sex on a man. Often, the impression created is that she can barely get her hand around it, and there are likely to be stretch marks around her mouth! That’s not to say there are some men out there, not involved in the porn industry, who are ‘ample’ in their penile proportions, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

I know men fret a lot about penis size. Not only in terms of how being huge is what the ladies want (trust me guys, it isn’t) but also as to how they measure up in the changing rooms after sports. They don’t want to have a ‘small’ penis when in the showers, do they?

This fixation on size carries on into Second Life, too. Females appear fixated on having huge boobs (there’s a mini-industry going on there in relation to mega-boobs), males on having huge penises, ridiculously unrealistically proportioned. Now, unless some SL avatars are doing ‘irony’ in a big way, it means that there’s a lot of male avatars out there who aren’t grasping proportion. Or else they imagine that female avatars are going to be looking at and being impressed by size.

On the contrary. While hardly ‘scientific’ the female staffers at SLN would, to a girl, merely laugh at these outsized appendages and dismiss the owner as some sort of clown, unlikely to be featured in SLN, and unlikely to be friended because of their clear fixations on what is or isn’t important to the rest of us.

I’m not going to zoom around the sims in order to name and shame examples of these ludicrously proportioned idiots. So let me roll out my ‘Adam’ alt for a moment to show what I mean.

‘Adam’ wears a Lotus Silver edition cock, and in the photos below I’ve chosen for him to wear the ‘modest’ size, which is more or less ‘average’ in my eyes.

adam modest_001b



And now the ‘proud’ size in the same Lotus Silver cock.

adam proud_001b

All quite normal. Yes?

Lotus have a clear sense of ‘keeping it real’. Other cock manufacturers allow greater flexibility with size, so for this I’ve had to ask one of my friends to model accordingly.

model penis small_001b

model penis quite silly_001b

model penis silly_001b

To me, the top photo one where the model is ‘small’, it looks real, properly proportioned. The middle photo, perhaps of a size that isn’t altogether out of the question in real life, would be one modelled by many SL males, and not commonly realistic. The bottom one…well…again, many SL avatars would sport this monstrosity as if it is normal. (Note: I once had a conversation with a guy at a nudist sim who, unsolicited, began to tell me about his ‘bit below average’ penis, ‘nine inches or so’ :-O I tp’ed away and muted that one very quickly, I can tell you!)

I’ve just been down for coffee at a beach bar here in Spain, a glorious naturist beach laid out in front of me. Now, I’m seasoned enough at this that I no longer consciously see naked people, just people. And I’m not staring at their genitals, boobs, excess weight or anything else to particularly notice how proportioned the male of the species is. But with this post in mind, I made a conscious effort to ‘measure they guys up’ 🙂 And it merely confirmed what I already know, the ‘modest’ penis, the ‘small’ penis is actually the average penis. There are very few guys out there with anything particularly huge.

So, fellas, bear this in mind in SL when proportioning yourselves, because RL is also reflected, in many ways, in SL. At a nudist SL sim, you don’t really notice an avatar’s cock (or boobs) unless they’re of silly proportions. Ditto real life. Naked people fail to look naked after a while. They’re average, all average. And you, and I, are too. And this is a good way to think. It means we’ve got no ‘textile’ styled body conscious hang-ups about our beings any more. We’ve arrived at a point where we acknowledge and accept our (media defined) ‘imperfections’ and can readily and easily accept our nude selves as we are.

If you are thinking about becoming a real life naturist, fellas, please put all thoughts of ‘but I’m not very well hung’ out of your mind. No one is looking, no one is laughing. Penises do come in all sorts of sizes, but be satisfied that yours, regardless of how you measure it, is going to be average out there.

Naturist women aren’t lining up to judge, point, stare or even notice.

Don’t be getting hung up on size. And that advice works just as well for SL avatars as it does for real life.


Naturism gives people a greater sense of body acceptance and body confidence. I’ve seen amply proportioned men and women who couldn’t care less. The tyranny of the media’s ‘body beautiful’ fixation (and almost fascism) is lost on them. They are comfortable in their own skins. And that is a truly beautiful thing.





A perfect dawn

It’s after 700am when the sun rises in Spain at this time of year, and I popped out onto the balcony early to catch an almost exact replica of the scene I’ve captured in these photos, a perfect dawn.

While yesterday began cloudy, with the sun struggling to emerge from behind the clouds, this morning’s dawn was clear blue sky perfect, so a quick, slightly chilly sea dip seemed in order.

ella sunrise_001b ella sunrise2_001b

The only people on the beach were the night fishermen, just finishing up their night’s work, a lady (dressed) walking her dog, and three male joggers, one dressed, two nude. I had thought the beach on a morning such as this would have been busier, but apparently not!

morning jogger_001b morning jogger2_001b

Morning joggers, invariably male, abound at this time of the morning. 

After a day of just getting myself organised properly yesterday, today’s going to be a full, relaxed, sunbathing and swimming day, broken only by getting into the shade in order to do some work on SLN. I should be back later on with some of those backlog posts. Catch you then!


Full Moon

I think the full moon was actually last night, but it’s as as full as makes no difference (to me).

A typical Vera Playa day. Beautiful until late afternoon when the wind picked up, then settled down again. This is practically a daily occurrence in this part of the world, and it was for that reason that I headed around to the naturist hotel late yesterday afternoon and took some photos of interiors, for use as backdrops, I don’t take voyeur photos of naturists. The hotel’s pool area is sheltered on four sides, so the wind is never an issue. This afternoon it whipped up strongly enough to be creating minor dust clouds.

Anyway, it all settled down again (as usual) and I headed down to the pool after dark as a brilliant moon shone down on the pool and I could float on my back and count stars. It’s a magical experience, made better when unfettered by a swimming costume.

ella moon4_001b

More a half moon in the photo 🙂 and I’m glad the pool area wasn’t quite as spooky as the backdrop to this photo suggests.


Ain’t it the truth!


Yes, males and females alike labour under the misconception that the whole world’s looking at them. I thought the same when I made my nude debut. So used are we to clothes that the idea that our naked bodies won’t be seen as anything else as ‘sexual’ takes us well out of our comfort zone, initially. But it passes quickly.

In time we learn that we’re more attracted to someone’s personality more than the size of their boobs or penis. In fact, in time we’ve stopped even noticing boobs and penises! Here, in a naturist environment, I couldn’t tell you how well my friends are endowed (either above or below waist level) any more than I could tell you the colour of their eyes.

There’s no getting away from the fact that your nude debut will be nerve-wracking, as if the eyes of the world are upon you. In time (an hour, perhaps) you’ll have forgotten you and the people in your immediate surrounds are naked. Fact!



Bush is back (official)

OK…not quite a scientific poll, but on the evidence presented in both July, when Pookes & I were here, and this week already (Day 2!) I can confirm that female pubic hair is making a comeback!

At least, it is in naturist circles in Spain, a location where it was on the endangered list for some years. The absence of it even led me, at one time, to buy some depilatory cream and a razor of my own! Yes…peer pressure (I alone of my circle of naturist friends here stayed ‘natural’) nearly persuaded me to go bare down there. Nearly. What led me to maintain that lady garden was 1. I hate the maintenance involved (I did go bare once and swore ‘never again’) and 2. Mr.Keng doesn’t like what he calls ‘a little girl look…yuck!’

So I’m delighted to see evidence that the bush is making a healthy comeback here in Spain.  We aren’t back in the ‘jungle’ 1970s, it must be said, but there is certainly a sense that the razors aren’t seeing as much service as previously.

ella beach3_001b ella beach4_001b


Yes, I know this will leave many males (particularly of a younger generation) despairing, but I’m delighted on the basis that I see naturism as about being an individual in an individualistic lifestyle. And it seems to me that many female naturists were less individual in their choices here than might be expected, following fashion trend, peer pressure and, yes, the pornification of the female genitalia.

After all, the fashion for going bare down there was led by the porn industry’s need for ‘detail’.

So on that basis it’s good to see that there has been a partial retreat from the tyranny of the razor. Yes, there’s a bit of trimming going on, but it’s back, in naturist circles, and that’s good to see (from a personal perspective).nudist with pubic hair

One demographic that isn’t, apparently, abandoning the razor is the older generation of female naturists (men, too, in the older age bracket also appear to have discovered a love affair with the razor). I put this down to the greying and thinning of the pubic hair, and this -the greying element, certainly- means shaven genitalia provide a more youthful look.

Anyway…that has been the observations from yesterday afternoon and this morning’s rather chilly sea-dip. I’m off shopping now! See you all later! 🙂