Dancing naked in the rain

I don’t know if you remember the Blue Pearl song ‘Dancing Naked in the rain‘ (from 1990). A big hit in the UK and on the US dance charts, it soundtracked my and my boyfriend’s summer of 1991 because our weekends always seemed to coincide with downpours. Disappointingly, there wasn’t any actual ‘dancing naked in the rain’ in the video.

At the time I lived in a pokey downstairs terraced apartment with a very small back yard. The yard itself wasn’t overlooked, and barely saw daylight except in the late afternoon in June, so it was possible to hang washing out there nude without any fear of being overseen. At the time I was more naturist-curious than actual naturist. And so my boyfriend and I did dance naked in the rain one day. A real downpour which was bouncing off the roof, bouncing off the tiles in the yard. No, it wasn’t Blue Pearl that was on. I forget what we danced to, an upbeat dance track certainly, and we giggled like children as we got soaked. It was fun, one of those spur of the moment things where we’d been sitting chatting, listening to music, then stood up to watch this particularly heavy downpour from the window, then just deciding ‘we should dance naked in the rain’ followed by a rapid strip and a dash outside to do one of those silly things it’s great to do.

I’m reminded of this incident because I’ve heard a particularly wet and windy weekend lies ahead of us in the UK. No going out and kicking up leaves around the local parks for us. A huge Atlantic storm is threatening to reach the UK, having already caused some damage in the likes of Guadeloupe as part of Hurricane Gonzalo.

We don’t get hurricanes in the UK. Well…we do…but they’re a rare, rare event, and are usually substantially weakened before they reach us. Note that the UK Hurricane of 1987 was on…October 15th! 27 years ago yesterday!

pookes rain2_001b pookes rain3_001b

From my study, I have watched the rain this afternoon, and when the other half came home about an hour ago he came up the stairs and poked his head around the door. ‘Oh…back on Second Life’, he said, before heading to the bedroom to get dressed down in his jogging pants and sweatshirt. ‘What are you writing about?’

‘Dancing naked in the rain?’, I called after him.

‘Yes!’ came the immediate reply.





And so….we did! We tore off our clothes and ran outside into our garden (and we’re lucky enough not to be overlooked) to leap about like two big kids. It was fabulous.


Ella adds: I’d never been naked in the rain until last June, when we experienced a torrential downpour in Spain, beginning about midnight and lasting for a couple of hours. I ran down to the pool and sat in a corner, watching the rain bounce off the surface of the water. I found it to be a magical experience. 

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