We have our own ‘Vintage’ page here.

Harry used to try and style some photoshoots in a ‘vintage’ way, imagining what this blog might have looked like had SL existed in the 1960s, 1950s or even earlier. Not a page that’s regularly updated, but something he would have done on an occasional basis.


I mention this because it’s my intention to briefly divert from all things current & naturist (in and out of SL) to all things vintage and naturist (in and out of SL).


We begin with a trip to 1920s Weimar Republic Berlin (there’s an excellent, long standing sim dedicated to the period in SL) and using that as an excuse to go on a bit of a (naturist) history excursion alongside some RL photos that capture a feel of the time, alongside some SL photos that attempt to replicate the feel of the time.tumblr_ndm9bpTkVO1td0p2ho2_500

I anticipate we may stick fairly rigidly to a ‘vintage’ kind of theme for the next month or so (there may be brief diversions into the contemporary) as we explore naturism from Adam & Eve to 2014.


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