Belly chains : A ‘Naturist Accessory’ post

There are some elements of naturism where I’m not ‘typical’.

I don’t shave my pubic area, despite ‘bare down there’ being a more familiar look in naturism. I don’t do piercings, not even so much as an earlobe, let alone having anyone attack my nipples or vagina with a needle. I don’t like tattoos, I think they look cheap, nasty and ugly. I’m not even much into things like pedicures, which many naturist women seem to undertake in advance of their holiday, ending up with their toes resembling mini works of art. I don’t have anything against any of these things, nor do I have strong views on any, apart from tattoos, they’re simply not really me.

Which is fine. A key element of naturism would be about being an individual and my individual style is that I’m tattoo & piercings free, and natural ‘down there’.

I wouldn’t knock anyone else’s decision to do anything with their own bodies, apart from tattoos which I think are something that will eventually go out of fashion and be seen as ‘old hat’ and dated. Genital piercings may well follow on the same fashion roller coaster, but they can be removed, tattoos can’t. And pubic hair may come strongly back into fashion, leaving men & women with the relatively simple task of leaving the razor in the bathroom cabinet.

However, one of the ‘fashion’ elements of naturism I’ve always embraced, particularly in a naturist environment, is the belly chain or the ankle chain. You do see quite a number of naturist ladies sport these, and I confess that I’m very much an enthusiast of the belly & ankle chain. As I sit here writing, clothed on a bright, crisp autumnal afternoon, I’m not wearing one, I should add. It’s a piece of jewellery that is confined to the naturist suitcase. But I do like to wear one, and an ankle chain, on holiday. It’s my own personal body adornment for a naturist environment in the same way genital or nipple piercings will be for others when on the beach. A bit of

I got quite excited when I saw that whatever had a little bit of a hunt that included hip chains (L$0), so I headed over there earlier. I found the item in question but sadly it doesn’t stretch, and was far too large for my slim frame.

I asked one of my larger sized friends to pop on over and she picked the same item up and it fitted her better. If you’re prepared to tweak your shape to fit, it looks great, and comes in a variety of colours.







6 thoughts on “Belly chains : A ‘Naturist Accessory’ post

  1. We too enjoy the look of the belly and ankle chains. She uses them a lot, we love the look and she gets many compliments. We also prefer the smooth look.

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