Hallowe’en (A naturist party, dressing up, naturist accessory post)

ella witch_001bOver at Soul! you’ll find free (L$o) witches outfits for any SL Hallowe’en parties you’re going to attend. If you join the group (L$o) there’s a bunch of other outfits (for women) you can also grab, including some beautifully made formal gowns that I’ve worn over to Frank’s Jazz Place, for example. No, I’m only naked in SL 99% of the time 🙂

This made me think that, for a body of people who like being naked, we also like to dress up -just a little bit within- that environment. The photos below demonstrate just how much naturists like to embrace the entire Hallowe’en vibe.

Of course, I dispensed with much of the free Soul! outfit itself, but I’ve kept the hat and the broom in the photo above as I zoom over the Eden Naturist Estate. I think I’m pretty well dressed for Hallowe’en in a naturist environment.

Dare to Bare this Halloween4



I’ve posted this for Hallowe’en on the basis that it gives you time to pop over to Soul! and pick up a copy if you desire, and as I’m working on Hallowe’en itself I’ll probably not get any posts up until Saturday night or Sunday morning (although I hope to get a couple more posted up later today).



Edited to add some more naturist Hallowe’en photos

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