Vintage Season : Adam and Eve

It’s an old question/joke, but every depiction of Adam & Eve in art shows them having belly buttons, and the question is, if they were the first people, not born of woman……why?

We could extend the theories on ‘the first man’. If he didn’t initially have a woman companion, Eve being an afterthought, why did he need a penis?

Adam and Eve Adam and Eve2 adam_eve adam-and-eve-1531-1 adam-and-eve-under-the-tree-of-knowledge


Interesting, too, that in the photos above, where the penis is depicted, the sculptor and engraver can’t decide whether Adam was circumcised or not either….

Curious, too, that depictions of Adam and Eve freely permitted Eve’s breasts to be bare, an artistic freedom that isn’t allowed, even in depictions of Art, on modern social media. It rather seems that, when it comes to depicting Art, we’re going backwards. Through the history of man and his ability to depict historical scenes through Art, female breasts have been more than acceptable. Only since the dawn of photography & moving image have we become much more coy about breasts (consider the pixellation in TV shows like ‘Naked and Afraid’ or ‘Buying Naked’).

Adam and Eve are relatively easy to depict on SL. On the Marketplace, a search for a ‘fig leaf’ will turn up a L$0 one, as shown in the pic below, and picking up free apples (if you go to the right sims, you’ll find free drinks & food -including hand held apples- freely available.

adam and eve 3_001b


In our SL depiction, above, Eve tempts Adam with that apple.



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