Angela Merkel nude again???

Let’s watch this post go viral, lol.

The post we did earlier in which Angela Merkel’s unconfirmed nudist past in the DDR was mentioned jogged my memory about another post I’d seen on a tumblr blog, and which I’ve spent the remainder of the evening searching for, and eventually finding.



I’m 100% certain the woman at the front of the photograph is the same one shown in a previous ‘Angela Merkel nudist’ shot, this one below.



What’s more, I’m 99% certain the woman in the centre of the pic above is the same as the one at ‘Angela’s’ side in the top shot. Why has no one spotted this ‘new’ photograph, and the similarities to ‘Angela Merkel’ before?

This ‘new’ photograph also gives us a few ‘clues’ to its location, perhaps. It’s obviously a camp of some sort, but there’s a car in the photo. What sort of car is it? German? If someone could identify it it might narrow down the geographic location where the photo was taken. It still wouldn’t be ‘definitive proof’, but an American car, of a particular vintage, seems unlikely in East Germany at the time ‘Angela’ was indulging in naturism.

Originally, the shot was ruled out as being ‘Angela’ as it was believed to come from a 1950s German naturist magazine called ‘Helios’, and the 1954 born Angela Merkel would have been too young to fit the age that the alleged ‘Angela’ is in the photos.

I think the car looks to be of 1950s vintage. Again, nothing definitive, as a 1950s car could still be running when these photos were taken. If it were to be Angela Merkel in the photos, the photos would need to date from…1968-70? when she’d have been mid to late teens. And herein lies another clue. The hairstyles in the photos mostly look later than the 1950s. Indeed, they could well be late 60s vintage. None of the hairstyles look 1950s to me.

Furthermore, what’s on the horizon? Are those watchtowers? (Bear in mind, in a campsite, they might simply be wooden buildings. Equally…could they be in the shadow of the wall that divided Germany? Is this a lake location somewhere near Berlin? Or further north between east and west?)

For the record I don’t think it’s Angela Merkel’s naturist youth in the photos, but it’s still nice to think that Germany’s leader might have done what many East Germans did so naturally behind the Berlin Wall, and that was to treat nudity as an entirely natural part of the great outdoors.



La lezione di oggi è superiore uguaglianza gratuito*

*the lesson today is top free equality

A month ago, Italian magazine Chi published photographs of Italy’s Schools Minister, Stefania Giannini, sunbathing topless.


Ms. Giannini is 54 years old and looks fabulous.



Not many female politicians have been photographed semi-nude, although Ukraine’s Olga Lyulchak was a recent victim of the iCloud photo hack. She simply laughed and shrugged it off. ‘I’ve nothing to be ashamed of’ she said. And she’s right.


And a long time ago on SLN we reported on Angela Merkel as a young nudist (although the photograph has never been authenticated).


Which in turn has led to a photoshop job suggesting that Merkel and French President Fraincois Hollande might go swimming at these European get togethers…


(Former) Spanish politician Olvido Hormigos even went as far as posing for a magazine (you can pretty much find all these stories in out back pages…)



while wife of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau was photographed with Mick jagger showing more than (or as much as) she expected to, the photo in part causing her husband to lose an election.


I actually like it when ‘news stories’ like these break. Too often our politicians give the impression of being automatons who couldn’t find fun if Walmart/ASDA had an entire aisle dedicated to it. In the swinging 60s, none of our politicians had tried ‘pot’? In the 70s, they tried it once and didn’t like it, or didn’t inhale? Ah, come on, who are you all trying to kid!

So when a high profile politician in Italy goes topless on vacation, it humanises her. It also empowers all women of her age to think ‘yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to do that’. Ms Giannini, we salute you.


Even a western styled swimming costume is stupid for swimming. But I wouldn’t ask my local pool to change the rules to let me swim nude.

Ella’s post on intolerance, earlier this evening, made me immediately think about this story which I picked up via British media.

Essentially, a Muslim woman in Colorado went to the local swimming pool and was refused entry on the basis she was, to all extents and purposes, fully dressed.



There doesn’t appear to have been any indication it was even the burquini, as photographed above, but the outfit being worn in an interview on local television. There’s a pitifully tearful interview where she enquires why she has to be ‘half-naked’ (oh….please!!!!!!!!!) when swimming in a public pool.

I’m not overly impressed that it has become an issue at all. If I were to visit a mosque, I’d be expected to fully comply with their dress code, barefoot and head covered. When in Rome, do as the Romans. We should not be expecting our pools to be altering their dress codes for ‘religious reasons’ and also having some lawyer flimsily dress this up as a ‘human rights issue’. The woman, and the lawyer speaking on the newsreel, need to grow up a bit.

I found this set of rules for visiting a mosque online. I’m happy to comply with all of them, out of respect for people’s religious beliefs. I’m happy for this woman to comply with all of the pool’s dress code rules while living in America.

She says she has gone public to ‘open a dialogue’ on the matter of pool dress code. Well, you did, dear. And the dialogue is now closed. Our countries (the UK has also had similar pool related dress issues, and another issue here and here), our rules.

In the US, there has been a 74% rise in the number of mosques since 9/11, a figure that denotes we’re a country ready to embrace all the people, all the religions of the world. As a naturist, how would my demand to be permitted to swim nude play out with the pool authorities? Yep, you answered that one in one. They wouldn’t change their rules for me, or other naturists, and I wouldn’t expect them to do so. We will hire pools for private naturist swimming sessions if needs be. Equally, I don’t expect pool authorities to be changing rules to suit a religious minority. If Muslims wish to wear their own swimming attire amongst themselves, then hire a freaking pool to do so.


Die Berliner Mauer, FKK und ein Wiederaufbau der ideologischen Grenzen*



"Berliner Mauer" in Berlin-Spandau

Signs set into the pavement show exactly where the Berlin Wall sliced the city in two.

* Blog post title reads, in German, The Berlin Wall, naturism and the rebuilding of ideological borders

Twenty five years ago, next week,  The Berlin Wall began to fall, quite literally, and thousands of Germans from both sides of the divided city spilled through it. Even though I was a child, I recall my parents watching the TV in amazement as ‘The Iron Curtain’ was dismantled over the next momentous year or so.

Of course, the dismantling process of the Soviet Bloc had begun before November 10th. Poland had begun the domino effect as recently as August 1988, as it sought to wriggle free of Soviet control. Other Warsaw Pact countries followed suit. Hungary had begun removing its barbed wire border fence with Austria, effectively meaning those in the communist east could walk straight into the democratic west unhindered. But it was on a chilly November night, 25 years ago, the symbol of Europe’s division came down.

Other countries’ revolutions (largely peaceful) would follow from there. With the great symbol of division between east & west gone, the game was up.

Wismarer Bucht, FKK-Strand Ostsee, Sonnenbad

Two images of east German naturism, pre-1989 (source : wikipedia)

Behind the wall, life was very strictly regulated in East Germany. There were few freedoms, and people’s actions were controlled by the secret police, the Stasi. Because of this, naturism (‘FKK ‘, freikorperkultur or ‘free body culture’) was massively popular and remains so.

You can get a sense of how and why the FKK movement became so popular in East Germany here, in a (UK) Indedpendent newspaper report from 2009. In a way, naturism was one of people’s few freedoms, and they embraced it in a huge way.


Since the fall of the wall there’s been something of a mini-industry in books that have attempted to explain the movement’s appeal. You can also find a couple of videos here of archived TV footage (from the MDR channel) in which a female TV reporter, fully nude herself, interviews German naturists who are totally relaxed about being on TV naked. The one here (also listed in the previous link) is specifically about east German naturism, filmed in 1978.

bild272742_v-standardBig_zc-3ad1f7a1 bild272748_v-standardBig_zc-3ad1f7a1 bild272750_v-standardBig_zc-3ad1f7a1fkk144_v-standardBig_zc-3ad1f7a1 fkk148_v-standardBig_zc-3ad1f7a1

Since then it has seemed as if that political earthquake that led to freedoms for millions who grew up under communism has, rather than shatter old certainties, seen them coalesce in different ways. The ideological border of communism has been replaced by a world oddly less free, and more intolerant, than it was 25 years ago.

 I know you’re thinking that you know what I’m thinking. ISIL. Islamic fundamentalism.

Well, yes I am, and no I’m not. They’re easy targets as pillars of intolerance. I could probably reel of pages on what I find to be abhorrent about Islam compared to the paragraph or so which would cast it in positive light. But I could do exactly the same thing for Christian fundamentalism.

 The issue is why is the world an increasingly intolerant place? In the last 25 years we’ve seen people commit vile inhumane acts on one another, a decrease in manners and patience, an increase in not being able to tolerate the views of others, be it in naturism, in aspects of religion or anything else. It’s all rather depressing that what might have seemed like a new, more liberal world 25 years ago has turned into a more conservative place, with the views of others not being allowed to thrive within their own boundaries. Some research will show that, where East Germany’s widespread embracing of the FKK lifestyle saw thousands bathe and sun themselves nude on the Baltic coast and around lakes, unhindered, 25 years ago, reunification with the west has shown an increase in intolerance to the lifestyle. Indeed, shortly after the fall of the Wall, and West Germans began holidaying in the east, the extent of naturism shocked them to the extent German media began referring to Höschenkrieg – the Panty War. In the home of naturism, where naturism was widespread in the eastern half, the Ossi’s (the Easterners) suddenly found their bare beaches would require labelling, to that everyone would know where they stood on the issue.

Twenty years later, the Usedom beach near the German/Polish border would also become the scene of a small naturist ‘war’ over the right to bare arms…and everything else 🙂



Naturism has its own language. Mini-ten is a game played exclusively by naturists, for example, and it’s essentially mini tennis played with not so much a racquet as a boxed like ‘glove’ racket called a ‘thug’. It was devised in the 1930s to permit a tennis-like experience on a cut down court, as many clubs wouldn’t have had the space to fit in full sized tennis courts.

And then there’s ‘textiles’. Clothes-wearers (on or off the beach), in other words.

And ‘cottontails’?

White bottoms. Textiles who convert to naturism while on holiday will display cottontail. They’ve been in the sun for a few days, tanning, before they’ve maybe summoned up enough courage to go totally bare, and find the skin is going to be paler than the bits already exposed.

cottontail_001b cottontail3_001b cottontailed


By necessity, even experienced naturists find themselves ‘cotton tailed’ on occasion. You can find beaches, close to home, where topless sunbathing is permitted, but not full nudity. And so naturists of many years experience can sometimes go off on holiday with cottontails in evidence. The look is easy to replicate in SL, as ‘tan line’ tattoos can be applied to the avatar. In the top photos I’ve added a tan line tattoo layer to show that I’ve had bikini briefs on for my sunbathing. There’s also another tan line for boobs as well. You can find them scattered around the grid, sometimes free, sometimes with a nominal charge applied, and there’s a range of similar tan lines on the SL Marketplace.



‘Between your legs you have one of the finest instruments known to man, and all you can do is sit there scratching at it’

mags cello_001b mags cello2_001b


Checking  out other people’s blogs, I spotted that there was a cello animation available (which I wasn’t able to find and try out). Which reminded me of a naturist photograph of a girl, sitting playing the cello naked in a field (which, again, I wasn’t able to source on the internet, although searches for naked people with cellos did turn up some other results, see below.

So I sent our photographer Diane out with model Margaret to search for any other cello poses, animations that we could find in SL. The above are the results.

The blog title, incidentally is a quote attributed to the English conductor Sir Thomas Beecham.







The final photo is one by Man Ray, and is an image that would easily fit into our vintage season.

One of the really delightful things about SL is chancing upon the weird and wonderful. While I couldn’t find a cello I wanted, a trip to a musical instrument shop –Voodoo Instruments– unearthed a Salvador Dali installation. Based on ‘The Persistence of Memory’, it was created by Voodoo Shilton and it was begging to be tried out in a naturist way 😉 You can buy the installation for yourself for L$4000.

dali nude_001b


I will have to ask some of the others if it’s possible to somehow also add musical notation to a photograph, as that Man Ray photo with the ‘f’ holes superimposed on the model’s back is just begging to be re-created in an SL manner.






Thank you

Multi language

Earlier today we passed the 250,000 views landmark.

Harry challenged me that we’d pass that mark by Christmas. I refused to take up the offer, and we’ve gone by that just a couple of days after Hallowe’en. (The challenge, incidentally, was that if we passed 250,000 page views by Christmas I’d get my kit off -in the RL full frontal sense- for SLN. If we didn’t Harry would get his kit off (in a RL full frontal sense). So glad I didn’t take up the offer! 🙂

But I would like to thank each and every one of you who have viewed SLN over the past three years. Next week we celebrate our third anniversary. Two weeks ago we went through the 1000 posts mark. Today we’ve achieved a remarkable 250,000 views on a blog that is for a niche lifestyle on a niche online game. That’s remarkable. Thanks to you all for your support.

Incidentally, Harry continues to make progress following his recent hospitalisation. Although I’ve never met him ‘in the flesh’, his recovery means more to me than the quarter of a million landmark.