Thank you

Multi language

Earlier today we passed the 250,000 views landmark.

Harry challenged me that we’d pass that mark by Christmas. I refused to take up the offer, and we’ve gone by that just a couple of days after Hallowe’en. (The challenge, incidentally, was that if we passed 250,000 page views by Christmas I’d get my kit off -in the RL full frontal sense- for SLN. If we didn’t Harry would get his kit off (in a RL full frontal sense). So glad I didn’t take up the offer! 🙂

But I would like to thank each and every one of you who have viewed SLN over the past three years. Next week we celebrate our third anniversary. Two weeks ago we went through the 1000 posts mark. Today we’ve achieved a remarkable 250,000 views on a blog that is for a niche lifestyle on a niche online game. That’s remarkable. Thanks to you all for your support.

Incidentally, Harry continues to make progress following his recent hospitalisation. Although I’ve never met him ‘in the flesh’, his recovery means more to me than the quarter of a million landmark.


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