‘Where the hell is SLN12?’

‘Where the hell is SLN12?’, asks a reader via IM, coming straight to the point.

I’m glad you asked me that. Who am I kidding? I’ve been terrified of someone asking that for weeks!

SLN, ‘the magazine’, has had a couple of set-backs in its history. First, there was ‘the Politics issue’, which had two false starts before being abandoned. SL is largely politics free, and the more we attempted to examine politics, particularly naturist politics, around the globe the further we got away from achieving what we wanted to express.priyanka1_001b

SLN12 is intended to be an International edition, effectively examining attitudes to nudity and sexuality in different corners of the globe (and different attitudes from different corners of the grid -the attitudes to virtual sexuality will differ between, for example, a Gorean sim and a dance club, even if ‘bumping pixels’ -cybersex- is the common end result.priyanka2_001b

While much of it is written, done and dusted, all photographs taken, we’ve got bogged down with one particular element of it: India.priyanka3_001b

It’s easy to write about certain parts of the world and their attitudes. Others…it’s like catching the wind in the palm of your hand to get anything definitive down. And India is the sticking point, more than any other section of the intended finished SLN12, simply because there is no definitive Indian sexuality. The same may be true of other parts of the world too, but there’s a national/regional/religious stereotype in play that largely holds true and can be presented as a kind of definitive version of that region’s attitudes. For example, in respect of the Islamic world, we can say that public nudity is a definite no-no. It’s easy to write that bit in. We can say that Spain and France have a laissez-faire attitude to topless sunbathing. We can write that bit in, too.priyanka4_001b

But India…India is causing me all sorts of bother, largely because I’m UK based, and the diaspora who’ve settled here are, in many ways, westernised in attitude and have adopted a western attitude to sexuality and public nudity whereas people in India have a different attitude, there’s further diversification in attitude between urban and rural India, and there’s some cross-fertilisation between arranged marriage between western-raised partners in a marriage and Indian born and raised partners. And getting a handle on that is tough.priyanka5_001b

We’ve spoken to numerous Indian people, some running ‘Indian’ avatars in SL, some running western looking avatars, to try and make some sense of it all, but it’s proving to be exceptionally difficult. I’ve wrestled with just one paragraph for a couple of hours today, for example.priyanka7_001b

So I’ll ask you to be patient. Because I’m determined not to abandon another full issue of the mag.

The accompanying photos show avatar Priyanka -a UK born girl of Indian descent and who lives her SL as an Indian avatar- demonstrate the paradox between the two worlds. (All photos taken by Diane Toxx) On one hand there’s the acceptance of the traditional -her sari- and the western, a relaxed attitude to posing her avatar nude for us here, and an acknowledgement that her attitudes to sex and sexuality are very much the result of a UK upbringing. An interview with Priyanka will appear in SLN 12 if and when I get it finished. So I’d ask you to be patient. I’d like to get it right when it eventually hits the blog.



2 thoughts on “‘Where the hell is SLN12?’

  1. Hi Ella. Interesting to read your post about India. I am at present enjoying 5 weeks in Goa India our 3rd time here. I have been a naturist since I was a boy! Goa is one of the most liberal places in India and encourages tourism from Europe and from within India especially the new rich from Mumbai. 10 years ago there was still a few old hippies left from the 70’s and you could see them nude on a few of the beaches in the North of Goa. Now the authorities have banned all forms of nudism with strict penalties. On the other popular beaches you can see some very small bikinis mainly worn by some very leggy Russian girls. They are a great attraction to the local boys who rarely see girls of there own culture dressed in such a way. This also includes “modern” girls from Mumbai who are very well covered when on the beach . None of this applies to the lads of course! In short from what I have observed Naturism in India or even going topless will get you in trouble either from the local males or the police very quickly which is a real shame in such a wonderful country. It will be interesting to see the views of others. Keep up the good work! Hugs

  2. Thanks Geoff. I’m essentially picking up that ‘not in India’ vibe from those I’ve spoken to, but British-Asians have an entirely different world view. The difficulty is getting a handle on it, hence Issue 12’s continued delay. Everything else is ready to go…but I’m not prepared to put it out and exclude India, as that article is the main piece in Issue 12, not least because of its long literary (and pictorial) depiction of sex & nudity via the Kama Sutra, etc, with carvings of carnal desire adorning temples. And I’m trying to get some perspective on how things changed along the way.

    Hope you have a great time in Goa!


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