Let it (not) snow (so heavily)….

The BBC has been reporting on the severe weather my fellow countrymen are experiencing back home. Here in England the Daily Express newspaper has been preaching about winter doom on a daily or weekly basis. The Independent has weighed in today, predicting things will get worse. SL bloggers have mentioning it in a kind of nonchalant manner too, almost as if ‘hey, there’s five feet of snow in Buffalo which means I can’t go anywhere but as long as my internet connection to SL remains up….’ (The Express has also mention Britain’s particularly harsh winter of 1946-47: Ella)

Wherever you are around the globe, stay safe from the winter weather, which seems to be setting in rather harshly, rather early.

As usual at this time of year, sims are getting decked out in their winter colours, so I thought it might be an excuse to head out onto the grid and look for some early signs of snow, or sims bedecked in snow because, as some of you may know, nudity and snow (it’s not quite ‘naturist’ behaviour…just an excuse to get outside and get naked and take photos of the experience) go together really well.

bijka snow _001b tumblr_m5gpa7fuF21r2yc8ttumblr_mf0m4hAKOj1rmcr76o1_1280bijka snow angel_001b

Yes, it’s great to do it in SL while sitting in a fluffy dressing gown and nice big, thick socks on a cold night (not that it felt that cold here in southern England today) and let avatars out to play in the snow. But why stop at just SL? There are those who’ll use it as an opportunity to get outside in real life and get naked.



guillaume snow_001b guillaume snow2_001bnaked-snow-angel-2michaela snow_001b michaela snow2_001b

If I was back home, I’d maybe get the opportunity to do a naked snow angel, but it’s unlikely here in England, living in a 4th floor apartment with no gardens. I think I’ll just need to get out onto the grid and find a few places where I can try what I can’t in real life.


6 thoughts on “Let it (not) snow (so heavily)….

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    We’ve featured some of your articles in the past but felt that the site as a whole deserved a mention. Well done! That posting will hit Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, a couple of online newspapers, G+, and likely be shared by other bloggers. Hope you get the boost you deserve!

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