Sleeping naked is best for you

Sleeping naked is what I do, and have done, since my mid-teens. I think that, even before I’d seen or experienced naturism, there was something that was sub-consciously present and attracted me to the state of being naked. Of course, I do own pyjamas, and am not averse to using them on a harsh winter’s night, but it has to be really cold, one of those nights where the frost sets in right after sunset and keeps dipping long into the night, before I’d contemplate searching for them in my wardrobe.

This morning, for example, I’ve been up with the lark after a night’s naked slumber beside my equally naked man, on the morning of December 1st. Straight into a dressing gown, of course. I live in a climate where there’s only a very few days in the year where the idea of wandering downstairs naked and pottering around in our kitchen like that would be possible. Even on holiday, in the heat of naturist Spain or France, I’ve had a tendency to throw on a shirt for an hour or so before or around sunrise because you can feel a little bit of a chill sometimes.

Now I’ve got a family I do tend to find myself showering and dressing, knowing I’ve got a school run in front of me most of the time, so the naked morning moments are somewhat rarer.

The coffee’s on, and breakfast’s prepared, any work that required doing was undertaken yesterday, so I have a full day’s SL-ing stretching out before me (hooray!).

I read, last week, that sleeping naked is beneficial to our health. Certainly, the idea of my skin breathing free at night, rather than wrapped up in constricting nightwear (about as attractive a proposition as constricting swimwear!) has more appeal for comfort, but I was surprised that it also has other benefits.

The media have picked up on this across a variety of outlets, so you can read about it here, here and here.

Which brings me, neatly, to my preferred ‘night’ (i.e. ‘early morning’) choice of nightwear. In summer, and even on the milder mornings we’ve been experiencing here recently, I do like to throw on a man’s shirt, one of those heavier ‘lumberjack’ types.

ella nightshirt4_001b

Morning rounds of the SLN offices, checking in at Su Casa first…

ella nightshirt_001b


…followed by a look at the ideas I’ve come up with for our Christmas coverage at the Eden Naturopolis office

This lumberjack (night)shirt is currently available as a free gift (along with 59 other great freebies) at Fab Free Headquarters. Hopefully the sun will soon be up (in RL & SL) and allow me to discard it as the heat gets up in SL, while it’s off to the village for me for some shopping. I’ll be back in SL later, and I’m pleased to say much of it will be spent in world. Often, my in world visits are far too fleeting, picking up a SLurl here, an item to show you there, and not enough time to just kick back and enjoy the game as SLN doesn’t write itself! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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