Swimming in the Med, December 1st

I really ought to give up work and write a SL blog for a living! Being inworld for much of today, so far, has been so much fun, with lots to see and do.

I’ve been spending time zipping about the different naturist sims, catching up on them in a more comprehensive manner than I might usually get to do.

First stop (when daylight arrived, I’d already been there at the edge of RL & SL dawn) was Su Casa, where a human cannonball has been installed.

ella su casa cannon_001b


The view from inside


ella su casa cannon2_001b
aiting for the fuse to light

Unfortunately the instruction said ‘press page up or E’ to ignite it. I’m operating on a Mac, and neither seemed to fire me into the air. Still, it’s one of those ‘a lot of fun’ items that I’ll need to go back and try again in a day or two. I’ll report back with photos if and when I can get shot into the air.

After that, my RL Spanish friend Mercedes popped up online (this is why I need to stop working; I could maintain a better social life) and reported that she’d just come back from a naked swim in the Med on the 1st December. Not too many people in, she reported, but it was a calm if chilly sea. I felt a little pang of jealousy, so I did the next best thing and hopped over to 7 Hills where she posed for me ‘knee deep, just like my real life swim earlier’, she laughed.

mercedes 7 hills 3_001b

 After some lunch, I then got around to what I’ve been meaning to do for some time: re-vamp the look of the blog. I’ve also added a new header bar -another design by my friend Brenda Hoisin, owner of the Eden Naturopolis sims. Brenda was kind enough to do several for me some months back, but until now the format of the blog allowed me to only use one, while the new layout will permit me to use the remainder that she did for me on a revolving basis to keep a fresh feel to the blog.

OK…I’ve got some RL children to attend to, so forgive me slipping away from SL for a little while. I do plan to return later this evening.


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