Abandoned land.

We’ve all come across it on a regular basis, teleporting into sims that no longer exist, clicking landmarks we’ve bookmarked.

The simple fact is that these make a larger area look shabby and run down. We read, some time ago, about how Detroit had gone bankrupt and was lying abandoned and neglected.

An appalling tale of urban decay.

abandoned detroit train




This got me thinking about a similar sort of feel to many places in Second Life.

Hello everyone, it’s a long time since I posted, but I’m still here. Yes, isn’t it awful how some locations are just wastelands? You can even TP into locations where there’s not even any attempt to sell or rent land. Some plots of land have simply been forgotten. It got me thinking as to how it might benefit SL, as a whole, if there was some form of Linden Labs Infrastructure department. I know LL have a ‘Department of Public Works’, and that there is a list of projects that the LDPW are (were?) involved in.

Yet we never seem to hear about their work, nor do we particularly seem to benefit from the project’s existence. I’m not looking for a whole range of ‘freebies’ from the project, but it would be nice to see some locations which haven’t been filled, nor are likely to be filled in the short term, having some kind of reality applied to them. As you can see with Detroit, ‘nature reclaims’, so why are so many plots sitting empty? Why haven’t LL, or the LDPW, attempted to reflect this, if only to ‘beautify’ the landscape to some degree?

For me, an exciting development might be to put in place some proper infrastructure reflective of real life. Yes, SL does have some…but not enough for me.

Elements like the SL railway are to be welcomed: it fulfils no real purpose other than it’s there, and you can ride it from stop to stop. Terrific! A fabulous addition to the SL landscape. But…where’s the municipal swimming pools? The libraries? The small shops, the one man businesses, which don’t sell anything in SL, but do fill up rather dead looking malls? I’m sure you can think of many other examples.

barbara railway2_001b

Barbara takes the ‘A'(?) train on SL’s railroad. Note that the landscaping is ‘basic’, but does offer something rather than nothing.

barbara observatory_001b

Beside the tracks you can find things like this observatory, non-functional, but presenting items of interest to the casual traveller.

Lupe’s Magical Naturist Forest

A trip over to Lupe’s Magical Naturist forest convinced me that, if nature reclaims, then it should reclaim in Lupe’s inimitable style, rather than a 10(?) year old depiction of what grass looks like. Perhaps the next phase of SL needs to be a bit of ‘filling in the blanks’ regarding the geography & topography of the game. Perhaps we need to be tp-ing around and discovering abandoned buildings from (an imagined) SL circa 1920, 1950, 1980. What’s your thoughts? Has the time come to do some root and branch geographical reform of the game and make large parts of it fit for 2015?


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