A little bit of a furore broke out in the UK over the past week regarding breastfeeding.

Louise Burns, a young mum, was breastfeeding in the restaurant of the exclusive Claridge’s Hotel when she was asked to cover up. For doing something natural. So natural that all mammals have fed their young this way for hundreds of thousands of years.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, was then drawn into the debate, by suggesting she should sit in a corner…almost like a second class citizen. For background context, let me add that UKIP are equally lauded and held in contempt, a body of Little Englanders, xenophobic, nationalistic, right-wing. They are rather ludicrous in their half-baked policies, but have captured an underlying mood in the nation (well, England, mainly, much less so in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland).

While the nation -more accurately, the talking heads who fill up newspapers with opinion hardly worth the price of admission- sneered at Farage, mostly on the basis that he’s Nigel Farage (and a bit of a well, given the context, tit), others were addressing the ‘debate’ (quite why we’re having this debate in 2014 is ridiculous) as to people’s rights.

I breastfed my children. And sometimes in public. Generally people are positive or don’t care at the sight of a baby at a nipple, but you do experience the odd unkind or hurtful remark. There’s nothing sexual or erotic about breastfeeding. It’s what they’re there for, rather than being objectified as grown men’s playthings.

And the debate doesn’t appear to be over yet, with breastfeeding mums staging a sit down protest outside Claridge’s yesterday to object to the hotel’s ludicrous policy (if it is a policy, as opposed to an over zealous member of staff or a reaction to some uptight idiot’s remarks to staff).

I’m delighted, therefore, to find that one SLN reader and former RL breastfeeding Mum sent me some photos showing her solidarity for those outside Claridge’s Hotel yesterday by staging her own protest against Claridge’s policy. Alison, who purchased a breastfeeding baby add-on some years ago in SL at the time she was breastfeeding in RL, said that she supported anyone who was breastfeeding and therefore had tp’ed over to a top SL hotel where she dug the add-on out of inventory and took a couple of photos in support.

alison breastfeeding1_001b


alison breastfeeding2_001b


alison breastfeeding2_002b


Louise Burns breastfeeding her baby while having tea with her family – and with the napkin she was t


Louise Burns, whose beautifully natural approach to feeding her infant poses in before and after shots in Claridges, with the large napkin she was asked to ‘wear’ while breastfeeding.

Avatar Alison posed at one of SL’s most exclusive hotel & restaurant locations, Brunel Hall, and says that no one at the sim asked her to cover up. ‘It appears that SL’s users and sim builders are rather more enlightened than those in real life. I’m pretty angry at the way the young mother was treated in the restaurant, hence my one-woman protest’.

Thanks for the photos and the commentary, Alison.


RL’s winter colours

Please, north American cousins (particularly those north of the 49th parallel), don’t laugh too hard.

Yesterday’s UK media was fixated on ‘the weather’. (also here and here and here ) In truth, when was the UK media, or UK residents, fixated on anything else, summer or winter? 25 degrees? Scorchio! Sunshine enough to make the average Spaniard reach for his scarf.

-7 degrees? Winter enough to make the average Canadian reach for a long sleeved, as opposed to short sleeved, T-shirt.

We’re a flimsy lot, us Brits, in respect of weather ‘extremes’. We’re also a fairly sceptical lot. ‘Oh dear’, comment some people, ‘winter temperatures arrive in winter….’

We can strike up conversations with total strangers about the weather. ‘It’s too hot/cold/wet/windy/icy’. And the stranger responds. Sometimes, it seems like it’s the glue that binds Brits together. A common interest on not very extreme weather conditions 🙂maria snow2_001b

Anyway, the snow might be with me by the time you read this, or on Monday. Given that I’m off for the week, I have to say I can’t wait to see a bit of snow if it does arrive. ‘Waxing’, at this time of year, will have less ‘bikini line’ connotations than polishing up the childrens’ sled….just in case!

The rain is beating off the window as I sit here at half past midnight, my cosy conservatory illuminated by candlelight and the laptop screen, Spotify (a recent discovery for me) providing the soundtrack for my wind-down into Christmas. Yes, I’ve got a couple of days where I need to go into work this side of the 25th, but it’s still feeling a bit like Christmas already.

Our staff are all getting into the mood too, as well as friends and SL fellow travellers. Over at Eden Siskin (part of the Eden Naturopolis estate), Brenda & Elbag have turned part of the estate into their very own Eden Winter Wonderland. maria snow4_001b

As one of our models/friends, Maria, demonstrates beautifully, this corner of the sim looks stunning. Last year’s ice skating rink was terrific wintry, naturist fun, but this year’s is an even better evocation of winter and of Christmas. It looks absolutely fabulous!

I’ve set the tp point right beside the hot drinks vendor, so you can pick up a nice cup of steaming coffee prior to donning free ice skates and taking a whirl around a lovely ice rink with a Christmas tree centrepiece.
maria snow_001b
Yep, I’ve already been over there 🙂 It wouldn’t be an SL Christmas without a trip to Eden’s wintry wonderland.

maria snow3_001b


The ice skates being worn by Maria are free (L$0) at the Eden Winter Wonderland, and will allow you to skate around the sim once you’ve finished the free hot drink you can pick up at the tp point I’ve provided. Set your sun settings to ‘sunset’ would be my advice, it gives that beautifully realistic late afternoon glow you get when in real snowy late afternoons, a pinkish magical colour that, no matter how old you get, looks magical.


Edited to add…

I’ve been over to Jacob’s Pond, a sim that also looks stunning in its wintry outlook, wearing my scarf and little else 🙂

ella dg3_001b


ella dg5_001b

 The Jacob’s Pond sim is one where great looking photos are almost impossible to take.

ella dg_001b

The scene, Chez Keng, is not unlike that in the photo above. Showered, and into a favourite comfortable dressing gown, the fire is lit, the Christmas tree assembled today 🙂

ella dg6_001b

The scene, Chez Keng, could be like that in the photo above in a day or two. At the bottom of my garden is a farmer’s field, where he keeps horses.