Our Issuu publications

Just a reminder that we’ve published several ‘magazines’ via the Issuu format.

Earlier today, we published the latest – Naked Second Life- a replication of Greg Friedler’s project ‘Naked New York’. While I’m still pretty angry 🙂 that my posing didn’t make the cut due to the photographers oversight, I’m glad to say he’s tried to make amends by putting another photo that didn’t make the cut my way. During realisation of the ‘Naked Second Life’ project the layout changed, and Jose didn’t use the shot (below) in the published version. I’m glad to say we’ve got the opportunity to use it here now.

NSL1 motorcycle courierb

Earlier in the year we published Second Life Hello, mostly featuring the Eden Naturopolis sim and its co-owner, Brenda, as well as three guides to some of SL’s best known and loved naturist sims. You can read up on Su Casa, Eden, and Lupe’s ‘Destination Guides’ via the links.

He’s also tried to make amends by sending me his own photographs taken for the project, but not used in the end. Jose says he expects to feature in a planned second volume (and has promised he’ll include me too).

jose nsl4_001c

jose nsl5_001c







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