Weather Bomb

I have absolutely no idea what a ‘weather bomb’ is, apart from the fact it’s ‘trending’ (Lord preserve me from social media speak!) on the UK’s mainstream media.

I can tell you that, right now, the rain is drilling off the glass, the wind howling like a banshee as this ‘weather bomb‘, probably previously known to the BBC as ‘a winter storm’, rushes in off the Atlantic.

weather bomb
I did a screen cap of the current north Atlantic weather (thanks, Nova Scotia, we owe you! 😉 ) from the earth.nullschool website, an animated depiction of the world’s weather as it is, in your neighbourhood, right now.

I’ll be honest with you. This morning the weather was cold and windy, so Mr. Keng opted to do the school run -on wheels- leaving me at home to do some Mum stuff. And the Mum stuff, this morning, involved doing the dishes in the blue/black inky light that we encounter before daylight, prior to going upstairs for a shower and…..I’m never one to miss any little opportunity to feel at one with my skin, so I was able to cast off the dressing gown and wander about -all curtains opened at this stage- as nature intended, gathering up various items of child sized superhero pyjamas for the wash basket prior to heading off for the shower. Cold? Yes it was. A sense of feeling nakedly alive in the 30 minutes before one could say it was ‘daylight’? Absolutely. Will I do it again? The Christmas lights we’ve erected on the garage have been buffeted by this ‘weather bomb’, so there’s every likelihood I would, given a chance in the morning, take a little naked trip up our step ladder to re-affix them.

Of course, it’s all about being sensible. I’m not going to be standing out there naked for the sake of it, but the winds are making things milder, so if an opportunity to ‘commune with nature’ presents itself, why not?

I may not make it to the garden wearing a scarf, wellington boots and little else but….

ella dawn nude_001b

…well, you get the picture.

Play your cards right and, well, the weather is immaterial. You can make things hot like Pierre and Judy where you don’t actually realise how cold it is…
judy and pierre_001b

Bedtime for me now (at just a little past midnight), but I’m pleased to say that I can avoid much of this ‘weather bomb’ and enjoy a fair portion of my Wednesday and Thursday next to the fire, enjoying uninterrupted SL time.

More posts over the next 48 hours.


Edited to add…I really need to stop blogging very late at night 🙂 because I miss things. I mentioned wellington boots above, and they were included in the post to illustrate a brand new gift at Fab Free HQ, pink wellies!

Here’s the pic to illustrate them in use in the snow.

ella wellies_001b

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