Mr. Keng’s makeover, with some help from 7 Deadly Skins

I’m not sure how long it is since I set up an account for Mr. Keng. Two, three years? For most of that time he’s been a reluctant, irregular player. Grumbled incessantly whenever I dragged him away from news/music/football websites to come online and pose with me.

Lately, though, he’s got more into the game. It’s not exactly a daily thing, but he does occasionally pop up online whenever I’m online too. And…surprise, surprise, he’s decided to stick around now to the point where a ‘makeover’, taking himself away from a basement look hair-d0 and nuclear accident coloured skin to spruce himself up. 🙂

howard keng_001b

Before: kind of like himself, a bit, but the hair’s dreadful and he’s Scottish, he could never be that colour!

howard keng nude2_001b howard keng nude5_001b

After: Rawwwrrrr!!!! 🙂 Yep, much better hair, better skin, a good capture of his generally unshaven state, although the ear-ring isn’t him, and it never will be you, sweetie! xx 🙂

The point being, fellas, that he picked the skin up at 7 Deadly Skins, joined the group for L$5 and claimed this, the current December group gift. 7 Deadly Skins are also running an advent calendar, so you can check in every day and pick up a new skin between now and the 25th! Thanks, 7 Deadly Skins, you’ve worked a miracle on my fella!


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