Dyeing out? Shaving under your armpits might just be a thing of the past.

I note The Guardian reports that ladies growing armpit hair is a thing now.

They say it will be 2015’s most subversive trend. Not sure about that. The first rule of subversion is not to tell anyone you’re trying to subvert something before you’ve subverted it.

This pit-hair colouring is the work of Seattle blogger Roxie Hunt, whose thoughts on the topic may be read on her blog. Thankfully, she never mentions the word ‘subvert’. That’s the sole preserve of lazy journalists.

Roxie signs off the post with the thought that, having done a friend’s armpits, she could…you know…maybe do her bush too.

At this time of year it would be entirely possible to do it without anyone (other than family, maybe) ever finding out anyway, due to us all being pretty much permanently covered up in that area of our bodies.

I have to confess that the idea of it tickles me (no pun intended). As you know, you’ve seen the pix 🙂 I keep it natural ‘down there’ (SL replicating RL, again!) so I went exploring on the Marketplace and found pubic hair and armpit hair from Route 666 for L$89

As Eve’s original hair (from Dura) was a strawberry red colour, she had to head off to the bathroom for a cut and dye job, another hairstyle from Dura (L$120) that was more of a deep blue shade that I liked.



Here’s Eve in her pyjamas, about to apply colour when she realises it’s always a damned messy job, so…




You just might be able to tell in this shot that she’s already done ‘down there’ too. 🙂

And finally, dye in place for the correct length of time, she washes it off to leave her body hair looking….marvellous! Yes, I know some of you will readily disagree. 🙂

The pubic hair isn’t as realistic as Nearly Tactile’s work, but it at least does have the effect of looking kind of alt.girl, as the Guardian put it.

Anyway…the finished results?



These are ‘tattoo’ layers from Route 666, and you have the options of apply them as one layer (i.e. upstairs and downstairs together) or separately for each area of the body.

And there we have it. SLN ahead of what’s tipped to be a trend in 2015. I have to say, slipping off my Eve alt persona (she’s so unlike me) and back to being Ella, that Ella might well just add the Route666 underarm hair herself in this calendar year 🙂


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