The Moonella Group: Any clothes designers out there?

I set up a group, Moonella, a couple of years ago with the intention of using it as an outlet for gifts that would have some sort of naturist accessory to them. I’ve tried building, without success, so Moonella had never actually done anything. I want this to change in 2015, and I’m now actively seeking designers/builders to help me with some items that I’ve never found in world or on the marketplace that could be added to the naturist wardrobe. The best way to describe the items I’m looking for (if they already are out there, let me know where) in photographs.

We all know it’s necessary to take care in the sun, so you will see many naturists wearing some form of headgear, from a baseball cap to a panama hat.

My own preference is for a scarf such as that illustrated below, wrapped around the head to keep the ferocity of the sun of the top of the head.



And while I’ve got a wearable pareo for my SL, I’ve not been able to source one as it is also often worn by naturists, casually draped over a shoulder.



And while not strictly a naturist item, I’ve searched high and low for…

french knickers

…French knickers. I like them because they’re light and airy and would probably be my preferred type of knickers on holiday (and at home) as opposed to briefs or thongs. If anyone knows where to find such an item, let me know.

I’m not freeloading. If someone can design such items for me, I’m prepared to commission them, and then share them with the group. The first two items would be essential naturist accessory in real life. The third’s just a lingerie preference, but I’d love to own a set (i.e. the knickers with matching bra) in SL as well as in RL. If you’re a builder or designer, or know a builder or designer, let me know and we’ll see if we can come to some sort of arrangement regarding payment.


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