Wow! Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Mr. Keng has had this tune on, on repeat, all night. Now, a ** year old man 😉 shouldn’t really be attuned to this sort of thing….or should he? It is a great, great record. Once the children were in bed, we danced around a bit to this. Should a ** year old woman be making dance floor moves to this? Yes, absolutely!

I guess this sort of sound hasn’t been around much since I was listening to Michael Jackson and the Jacksons when I was in primary school, but it does sound marvellous, relevant and contemporary.

It’s kind of new in a musical sense to teenagers now, and it’s kind of new in an SLN sense as we’ve never actually embedded a video before into the blog.

ella & mr keng dancing_001b ella & mr keng dancing2_001b


Mr. Keng says he hasn’t had a record on repeat play since he was a teenager but was overwhelmed by this. In real life, we started off dancing dressed but….

…see you tomorrow 😉

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