Hooray for Queen of Queers

The Queen of Queers blogsite isn’t afraid to show some skin.

Kudos to them for their approach to SL blogging.

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The models look fantastic, and it’s great to blog a different photographic approach to SL. Not naturist, accepting of the fact that a nipple is a nipple, part of an increasing blogging trend to accept that nudity happens in life, real or virtual.

All photography ©2014 Queen of Queers blog site.


2 thoughts on “Hooray for Queen of Queers

  1. This make me happy. To know that im not alone in my thoughts & feelings, in this case, showing with proud a simple nude virtual body. But even in a game platform, people stay rigid…per example, some feed pages can block or even “report” you if you share with them a nude photo…unbelievable but real.
    So i thank you for this kind support and share 🙂
    Freedom isnt easy to deal with for everybody…

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