I note that CMNF and CFNM are ‘themes’, fantasies or even fetishes in the wonderful world of blogger/tumblr porn, with the naked one in the duo (or only one naked in a group) often being seen in some sort of humiliated light to present it as an ‘erotic’ image or sexual peccadillo.

Those who present such imagery clearly aren’t, or don’t understand, naturism.

Any of us who have been naturist for any length of time will generally have been in situations in which we’ve been clothed, talking to a nude neighbour or naked ourselves in the midst of a clothed group of people. And ‘humiliation’ or embarrassment isn’t part of the agenda. It’s just….a part of naturism.

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Naked in your dreams.

We’re often told that nudity in dreams (click the link above) represents -and I’m lifting words directly from the link- ‘fear’, ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’.

These are ‘dreams’ but ‘nightmares’.

It’s unlikely that naturists would have such ‘nightmares’, being at ease and totally comfortable with their bodies. In the photos above, all from naturist settings, not one of the nude people looks remotely fearful, guilty or embarrassed.

There’s quite a bit of CMNF/CFNM within SL too. After all, it’s not your actual breasts or penis on display, simply a pixellated representation of them, so no need to get embarrassed, is there? And you’ve probably inflated them a little bit to make them bigger, perkier, or in the case of males, much, much larger than real life. Haven’t you, fellas? 😉

Because it’s ‘cartoons’, you don’t, ultimately, pay an enormous amount of attention after a while. There’s a text box to focus on.

And, actually, RL naturism is a bit like that too. After a while the nudity is incidental, secondary. The primary focus is on how interesting or boring the real life person’s text box -their vocabulary, their conversation- is, instead of how well-endowed they are in the boobs or bits departments. (And, a personal observation, since many naturist ladies no longer maintain much ‘bush’, having trimmed all the foliage, we ladies are pretty much reduced to the same ‘undercarriage’, rendered almost Barbie-like in that respect, our genitals almost totally ‘invisible’ unless we’re lying down on a lounger in certain positions). So if you’re a virtual naturist who has no sense of shame or embarrassment about your avatar being seen nude, in mixed nude company or in CMNF/CFNM situations, remember this: real life naturism gets to be like that too. No fear or shame about your naked body being observed by others, no fixation on the bits usually kept covered. Something to remember if and when you’re making your 2015 nude debut.

diane cmnf2_001b kurt and honey2_001b

nb: Ella returns with some more blogging over the Christmas holiday period.

4 thoughts on “CMNF-CFNM

  1. CFNM-CMNF is far more common than one might think. Happens at home all the time as you said and it can happen at the resort as well which it does regularly. But in these settings it’s all very normal. However there are those setting which cater to the exhibitionists and the voyeurs of the world that I guess can be related to the porn industry.

  2. CFNM/CMNF happens all the time at my resort. No one even gives it a second thought. Nudity is normal. Clothes are something you have on if you just back from work or you are cold. I may be nude and everyone else clothed, not an issue. Same situation in reverse, yeah yawn so what.

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