Crazy Christmas Swims

There’s something about frost, ice, snow that brings out the ‘bonkers’ people when the opportunity for a bit of swimming is presented.

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This Christmas Day in the UK, there have been swims (not naturist) in Bournemouth, Porthcawl (Wales) and in other locations. But it seems that we naturists do enjoy the challenge of freezing cold weather too. Of course, the Finnish sauna has long been associated with a charge from the heat of the sauna to the icy waters of a nearby lake, but any stretch of icy water seems to draw naturists like moths to a flame.

It’s not something I’ve ever done, I have to admit. No, it doesn’t appeal, but that may also be related to a lack of opportunity. My Spanish friends may have a ‘Polar bare’ swim on New Year’s Day. If I was out there…..would I? I have to say that the opportunity might encourage me…then again….

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With SL resplendent in tis winter colours there’s lots of opportunity to re-create that Polar Bare thing in SL, but –my Christmas card apart this year– I’m not going to be out there in any of SL’s wintry conditions, I don’t think.

Of course…we’re forecast snow here tomorrow. What’s the betting that if it comes, and lies, I’ll be making a snow angel in the garden? 🙂

Meanwhile, model Katja prepares for her own Polar Bare dip in SL.

katja polar bare_001b


Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day, if there’s some of it left where you are in the world. Me? I’m off to bed, exhausted.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Christmas Swims

  1. OK I am a confirmed nudist, but sorry no way am I jumping into water this cold. I not have stupid written across my forehead.

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