Free the Nipple

Over the course of 2014, SLN has reflected, at various times, on the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign. And now there’s a film out about it. If I’ve got the link correct, you should be able to see an uncensored trailer for the movie. Unless, given the temperature of our times, Kim Jong Un decides we can’t. 🙂

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I suspect that 2015 will see us sadly having to report on ‘more of the same’ as women demand top free equality. If it’s on at a movie house near you, I’d encourage you to go and see it. Media response to things like this are the only way we can change our world. And in 2015, a patriarchal society imposing its rules on half of the population isn’t exactly the most important fight to fight. Ebola, famine, increasing poverty? We should be tackling these issues, not railing against women removing their tops.

I love those pink balaclavas 🙂 If we can find one in SL, and use it in photos, rest assured we will! 🙂


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