Crazy Christmas Swims

There’s something about frost, ice, snow that brings out the ‘bonkers’ people when the opportunity for a bit of swimming is presented.

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This Christmas Day in the UK, there have been swims (not naturist) in Bournemouth, Porthcawl (Wales) and in other locations. But it seems that we naturists do enjoy the challenge of freezing cold weather too. Of course, the Finnish sauna has long been associated with a charge from the heat of the sauna to the icy waters of a nearby lake, but any stretch of icy water seems to draw naturists like moths to a flame.

It’s not something I’ve ever done, I have to admit. No, it doesn’t appeal, but that may also be related to a lack of opportunity. My Spanish friends may have a ‘Polar bare’ swim on New Year’s Day. If I was out there…..would I? I have to say that the opportunity might encourage me…then again….

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With SL resplendent in tis winter colours there’s lots of opportunity to re-create that Polar Bare thing in SL, but –my Christmas card apart this year– I’m not going to be out there in any of SL’s wintry conditions, I don’t think.

Of course…we’re forecast snow here tomorrow. What’s the betting that if it comes, and lies, I’ll be making a snow angel in the garden? 🙂

Meanwhile, model Katja prepares for her own Polar Bare dip in SL.

katja polar bare_001b


Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day, if there’s some of it left where you are in the world. Me? I’m off to bed, exhausted.


Nollaig chridheil

Nollaig chridheil, or ‘Merry Christmas’, in Scots Gaelic, to all SLN readers, everywhere.

ella xmas card_001b

And we have snow forecast for tomorrow! 🙂

I’m just about to serve up Christmas dinner, after which I expect two very excited children to begin fading (they were up from 600am!). If I can stop myself from fading (I’ve been up from 600am! 🙂 ) I’ll pop into SL this evening.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.



I note that CMNF and CFNM are ‘themes’, fantasies or even fetishes in the wonderful world of blogger/tumblr porn, with the naked one in the duo (or only one naked in a group) often being seen in some sort of humiliated light to present it as an ‘erotic’ image or sexual peccadillo.

Those who present such imagery clearly aren’t, or don’t understand, naturism.

Any of us who have been naturist for any length of time will generally have been in situations in which we’ve been clothed, talking to a nude neighbour or naked ourselves in the midst of a clothed group of people. And ‘humiliation’ or embarrassment isn’t part of the agenda. It’s just….a part of naturism.

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Naked in your dreams.

We’re often told that nudity in dreams (click the link above) represents -and I’m lifting words directly from the link- ‘fear’, ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’.

These are ‘dreams’ but ‘nightmares’.

It’s unlikely that naturists would have such ‘nightmares’, being at ease and totally comfortable with their bodies. In the photos above, all from naturist settings, not one of the nude people looks remotely fearful, guilty or embarrassed.

There’s quite a bit of CMNF/CFNM within SL too. After all, it’s not your actual breasts or penis on display, simply a pixellated representation of them, so no need to get embarrassed, is there? And you’ve probably inflated them a little bit to make them bigger, perkier, or in the case of males, much, much larger than real life. Haven’t you, fellas? 😉

Because it’s ‘cartoons’, you don’t, ultimately, pay an enormous amount of attention after a while. There’s a text box to focus on.

And, actually, RL naturism is a bit like that too. After a while the nudity is incidental, secondary. The primary focus is on how interesting or boring the real life person’s text box -their vocabulary, their conversation- is, instead of how well-endowed they are in the boobs or bits departments. (And, a personal observation, since many naturist ladies no longer maintain much ‘bush’, having trimmed all the foliage, we ladies are pretty much reduced to the same ‘undercarriage’, rendered almost Barbie-like in that respect, our genitals almost totally ‘invisible’ unless we’re lying down on a lounger in certain positions). So if you’re a virtual naturist who has no sense of shame or embarrassment about your avatar being seen nude, in mixed nude company or in CMNF/CFNM situations, remember this: real life naturism gets to be like that too. No fear or shame about your naked body being observed by others, no fixation on the bits usually kept covered. Something to remember if and when you’re making your 2015 nude debut.

diane cmnf2_001b kurt and honey2_001b

nb: Ella returns with some more blogging over the Christmas holiday period.

(My) Blogging on hold for a few days…

diane umbral sim nude2_001b


My mother in law has been admitted to hospital. It’s not life threatening, but may require surgery. I’m not sure how this will impact on my blogging, as there’s her dog to be walked, cat to be fed, hospital to be visited…etc.

I’ll update over the weekend.

In the meantime, Pookes has the helm.


Edited to add: Happily, it’s all good and after a few days observation, my mother in law should be out on Christmas Eve, and I’ll be back in world and maybe blogging on Christmas Day (on the basis that the BBC’s Christmas output is ‘family’ movies that are mind-rottingly dull and ‘comedy shows’ that don’t raise as much as a smile). See you then.


God bless my SL friends

No sooner have I mentioned ‘things I’d like to see in SL naturism’ and ‘I need to do more with the Moonella Group’ than a couple of creations, courtesy of SLN publisher Howie, turn up.

‘Share them around the group for free’, he says.

zona naturista_001bc

‘Yep! I stole it in Spain’

zona naturista2_001bc

And now it’s on the wall of my house!

No Banos2_001c


‘Where’s my ladder? Where’s my electric drill?’ asks Howie

His signs, a no-swimwear sign, and a ‘Zona Naturista’ sign (shamelessly stolen from Vera Playa, Spain) will be offered as free gifts to those of you in the Moonella Group in the next 24 hours.

Howie, like me, is a Vera Playa user (or has been in the past). Both signs are now attached to the wall of his apartment in Eden, and certainly lay claim to the policies in play if you land there.

This time tomorrow, I hope to have both signs offered up as gifts via the Moonella Group.



‘Where’s Barbara?’

Where’s Barbara? A long-time, if irregular, contributor to SL Naturist, you may have asked yourself where she’s been. Has she given up blogging for us?

The answer is ‘no’. Barbara has been busy out there in real life, learning new skills that she thought that might have a benefit for the blog in the longer term.

I’ll let Barbara take up the story…

‘Being an older person, and utilising an avatar that reflects my real life condition, I’d generally played SL while nursing a terminally ill husband and occasionally blogged for Ella on naturist issues that might be more reflective of the older person, whether in a naturist environment or not. When my husband finally passed away I found myself at a loose end, and after a while came to realise I needed to fill the void with some new skills. To begin with, I’m not old enough to retire just yet, and I felt I needed some extra work skills to assist me get back into the employment marketplace. I’m pleased to say that I am working again, but as anyone who has changed jobs knows, it takes a bit of time learning the ropes and the politics of the workplace, which is why I’ve not been around much in recent months.

‘I’m finally coming to terms with the major upheavals in my life, and I purchased a new computer, a Mac, sometime back, and I’ve sat at nights learning new skills on it, as well as attending night classes on which to learn further computer skills. I’ve begun to slip back into SL with some regularity recently. With the term at night class having ended for the Christmas holidays, I spent a while, last week, giving my avatar a makeover. During this trawl around the grid, looking for bargains, I found a photo studio that included some dance animations, and I had a ‘Eureka!’ moment.

‘Remember that ‘Eureka!’ moments generally include a bit of nudity, hahaha, coming from Ancient Greek, and attributed to Archimedes. It means ‘I’ve found it!’ (the answer). In Archimedes’ case, that was about the displacement of water in his bath as he stepped into it, the water rising as a result. He was so enthusiastic to spread this discovery that he is alleged to have run through the streets of Syracuse naked.

‘My ‘Eureka’ moment was the realisation that I could make a video of this dance, and it could be uploaded. I sent it to Ella, and we’ve spent the last week or so discussing how it might be applied to SL Naturist. I’ll hand back to Ella to tell you more’.

….as a result of that conversation with Barbara, and others involved in SL Naturist, we’ve decided to set up our own ‘film unit’. Previously on SLN I’ve pointed you in the direction of, for example, Naturisme TV, where key naturist locations around France are highlighted in a monthly ‘travelogue’ film unique to the internet. The internet is also full of short advertisements for the delights of various naturist locations around the globe. So why not do the same in the context of SL?

So that’s what we’re going to do, on an irregular (for now) basis. I’m not particularly skilled in this sort of thing, so Barbara, Apricot and Mr. Keng will be doing the vast majority of the ‘video’ stuff. My role will be confined, as far as I know (and hope) to doing a bit of presenting for it.

Now you know why we stepped into a couple of seemingly ‘cul de sacs’ last week. Be honest: you thought that videos of Bruno Mars, or Mr. Keng’s makeover, were may just a little bit irrelevant? No, on the contrary, they were experiments to see if we could imbed videos, for Mr. Keng to look presentable if he’s going to be in world more as a result. It was a bit of a means to an end, and as I don’t have the facilities to do these in a ‘ghost’ blog, they had to be tried here and made to look relevant to SLN, even if it was a tight fit.

I have to say that the project is quite exciting. I’m not sure how it will develop, but I’m confident it’s going to add just a little extra to SLN in 2015. No, there won’t be full feature-length movies, and we’re also not quite sure how we’ll add ‘dialogue’, in text form? Using our own voices? but I do hope we can make SL seem a little bit more ‘alive’ with this approach.

What’s that? You’d like to see Barbara’s initial experiment with SL moving image, the silent, short clip that may open up a new area of exploration for SLN? Sure…you got it!

We’ve opened up our own youtube channel. I’ll keep you updated as and when new videos arrive, and they’ll all be available from that source (and maybe others) in the future.

Ella & Barbara

Naked men, naked women

My function, as editor of SLN, has sometimes been to explore avenues I’d previously been unaware of. I’ve written, before, how I’m not overly excited by nudist websites where photographs are the focus.

To me, the textual content of a website is the primary source of interest. Thus: you’ve been to Koversada in Croatia…tell me what restaurants I should try. What’s worth seeing in the area? Even if it means putting on stupid clothes in that heat.

But I’ve been recently going around numerous tumblr websites dedicated to ‘the nudist’ on the basis that they inform my decisions regarding SLN. If ‘body painting’ seems to be a thing in real life naturism, shouldn’t we cover that? If pubic hair, circumcision, genital piercings, swingers or anything else are vexing RL naturists, shouldn’t SL naturism reflect that? Well, of course.

What I see on those websites do have an impact on what SLN covers.

So here’s the deal. You look at a tumblr archive. What’s the deal, in this context?

naked men naked women
What do you see? Tits? Cocks? Shaved? Unshaved? Big cocks? Small cocks? Big tits? Small tits? Shaved? Hairy? Fat? Thin? Gay? Straight? Black? White?

You’ve got it. Eventually it all bends into one, and the focus goes back on ‘people’, not their generally accepted ‘private’ parts. Eventually, you’re thinking ‘that’s a gorgeous beach, where is it?’

Eventually you’re thinking ‘I need to think about booking holiday there, wherever it is’.

We become more than the total of our genitalia.

Congratulations. You’ve ceased to think like someone surfing ‘porn’ and begun to think like a true naturist. It’s only when you look at it in a ‘tumblr archive’ way that the idea of ‘naked’ and ‘private parts’ slips away to become ‘people’. And real life naturism is like that. Eventually ( not a long period of time from your debut. An hour? Two hours?) you’ve stopped even thinking of people as being naked. You’ve begun to see them as people.

Admit it. You’ve stopped looking at the photos -too much to focus on- and begun to look at the words -what people are saying.

That’s just what RL naturism is about. Judging people according to their words, their personality, not how big a cock or tits they have.

If you’ve not experienced RL naturism then look at the photos above for a second, then look away. Can you describe anyone in the photos? No. It fades into one large mass.

And the RL naturist beach is like that. You aren’t focussing on an individual. You can’t think of an individual. Some are bigger, smaller, younger, older, more tanned, less tanned than their neighbour. In conversation, you’ll focus on what they say, not how they look. Reflect, too, on whether any individual in the photos might look back at you. No, you aren’t that beautiful, attractive, gorgeous. You’re a human being with bits in the right places.

So what are you waiting for? 2015 is the year you’re embracing naturism. 2015 is the year when you cast off the ill-judged concerns of textilism.