Those naturist Polar Bare swims

Yesterday, Cap D’Agde held its own swim event, the ‘last swim of the year’ event, as it’s styled. SLN reader Ricardo, who doesn’t say if he’s resident in Cap D’Agde right now, or if he’s the photographer, passed me these late yesterday by way of illustrating the event. bonnet-rouge-pour-les-autres_1232696_1200x800 l-important-c-est-de-participer_1232691_1200x800 les-premiers-a-l-eau-en-mode-pionnier-avec-bouteille-de_1232679_1200x800 pour-certains-le-bain-n-aura-dure-que-quelques-minutes_1232687_1200x800


I’m not sure what yesterday’s temperatures were, but today it seems to be a bracing 10 degrees. Chilly enough when out of the Mediterranean. Lord knows what those sea temperatures were like! Hardy, brave or merely foolish, I would nonetheless congratulate those who’ve participated in the event. There will be more Cap D’Agde related posting later today or if not, on Sunday as we gear up for another year of posting on SLN. If you’re nursing a delicate head this morning after celebrating too long, maybe you need to consider a polar bare dip, guaranteed to shake off those cobwebs and freshen you up! 🙂

ricardo_001b ricardo2_001b

Ricardo also provided his own ‘Polar Bare’ photos for this New Year’s Day, taken at Lupe’s and at Naked Rocks.


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