Low naturist ebb: An Editorial

I’m feeling at a low naturist ebb. The September holidays are history, the promise of Christmas is behind us, it’s a long way until summer, and we probably have the worst of the winter weather ahead of us first. Naturism isn’t exactly top of my agenda right now, at least as far as RL is concerned.

Something similar occurs with SL for me at this time of year too. It’s hard to get enthusiastic. That’s nothing to do with SL itself, and everything to do with me. In the dark and cold days of January, life just seems to be like that. It’s a case of hanging on for, at least, the first snowdrops to remind us that spring approaches, that the world (real and virtual) is re-born.

Speaking of rebirth, I note that several SL bloggers have begun the year with a bang, particularly where the visibility of skin is concerned.

The Good Gorean, My Haters Motivate Me, Angel-style, and Naniii Bubble are all SL bloggers embracing the skin we’re in, and quite obviously this is a policy we embrace and support. It’s a great start to 2015, and something that gladdens me to see bloggers do, as ultimately it ‘normalises’ the fact that the nude body is acceptable where other things in life (real or virtual) patently aren’t acceptable.

It can be a horrible world out there, as evidenced by events in Paris over the past few days, and fear of skin, pixellated or real, seems ridiculously silly, so we salute those bloggers who’ve shrugged their shoulders and said ‘in context, SL nudity is more than fine’. I won’t post the photos in question, they being the copyright of the original bloggers, but I would invite you to click the links to view accordingly.


Speaking of events in Paris, they’ve delayed SLN12 again, as one Muslim avatar who was featured in it has written to me again expressing her shock, horror and shame at the events and written a heartfelt response to the events with compassion and anger in equal quantities. I’m waiting for photographs to illustrate the article to come back and be added to her moving text, and I regard it as so powerful that I can’t wait until I’m satisfied with the rest of what has been a difficult collection of articles, under an SLN12 banner, to write (and get right).

Previous editions of SLN, as a magazine, have always been published collectively. This time, they will be published individually as and when I can and on completion as individual articles here, will only then be published as a magazine format in the Issuu format. Otherwise, they’ll sit growing old, forever destined to be updated and tweaked according to how they reflect RL events.

That avatar’s bitterly angry response to jihadists will, I think, appear later today or tomorrow, with the remainder of SLN12’s articles appearing over the next week or 10 days.



I’m delighted to see that many SL bloggers (and naturist blogs) have expressed support for and solidarity with the Je Suis Charlie meme. Without wishing to trivialise the events in Paris with something as unimportant as naturism, it’s as if there’s some sense of a line in the sand being drawn, beyond mere humanitarian instinct. Because it is all of our freedoms and civil liberties, away beyond a sense of ‘oh, it’s those who produced cartoons’ that are under threat. For the SL bloggers, a sense of being part of a ‘perfect’, apolitical world gives them a sense of outrage that politics have failed those in the real world (from the Gaza Strip to the 11th arrondissement). For the naturist bloggers, there’s a reflexive sense of understanding that we live in a world where two distinct lifestyles -naturist and textile- can peacefully co-exist. There may, occasionally, be tensions, but a sense of the world being big enough to contain both, with a textile majority, while not quite fully understanding our lifestyle -and mocking it, often- they acknowledge our right to exist and let us get on with it as long as no deliberate offence is created. Extend that metaphor to the real world and we automatically have a sense of ‘why can’t Israel peacefully co-exist in an Arab regions?’, ‘Why can’t Israel accept the sovereignty of Palestine?’ or, indeed, ‘Why can’t we respect our Muslim brothers and sisters?’ or ‘Why can’t Muslims accept the west’s definition of freedom of expression?’. Simplistic? You betcha. But for all of our sakes, we need to understand and accept more about one another’s cultures, and acknowledge that offence sometimes occurs. It’s called life, and it isn’t some sanitised entity tailored to suit your specific needs.

Of course, we’ve had a parade of columnists in the newspapers this week saying ‘oh, it’s all about the cartoons‘. Quite clearly, the targeting of a Jewish supermarket nails that lie. Clearly, the murderers who were running on the streets of Paris this week weren’t offended by mere cartoons, they were offended by Jews too. Let’s nail that lie that it was just about cartoons. These fundamentalists are lying to us when they say that and, worse, lying to themselves when they imagine that’s the issue at stake.


jelena red dress2_001b

So how’s my SL naturist life shaping up right now? It’s not! 🙂 I’ve decided that the best way to ride out a storm of the naturist ebb tide is to spend time picking up items for the holiday wardrobe (and maybe a bit of SL dancing if Mr. Keng can be persuaded to join me). Over at Brii’s Underground Wear, there’s a hunt going on featuring some lovely formal gowns at L$1 each in a mini hunt (look for champagne bottles) which has everything I like in a hunt : the prizes aren’t impossible to find! 🙂

Shoes and jewellery are part of the deal too. Yes, sometimes we get dressed up in SL and this is one of those times.


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