The Hipster Fair, 2015

hipster fiar_001b


The Hipster Fair, 2015, is coming. It begins on February 1st.

Of course we’ll be popping along! I think there’s a definite link with hipsters, hippies and naturism, as they’re all part of a counter-culture, naturism certainly being part of an alternative lifestyles concept before the phrases ‘counter culture’ and ‘alternative lifestyles’ were coined. 260089492

Think of things like Russia’s Empty Hills festival, the Burning Man festival. There’s still a sense of those leading an alternative lifestyle also being politically switched on in an era where much of the planet seems drugged up on soap opera and football to the point where they can’t think or do anything to create a fairer world. It’s left to the hipster kids, with their dreads, tattoos, loose fitting clothing that will readily be shed in a celebration of the human body, to lead the politics. Eco-warriors? Aren’t they now leading ‘green’ politics around the globe? Didn’t they protest for nuclear dis-armament? Aren’t they objecting to ‘fracking’?tumblr_n5g9tdrNUJ1r7rtopo1_500 tumblr_ngxqf6On2x1ti9po7o1_1280

Sl has its own ‘Burning Man’ festival (in October, I think) and this year I fully intend SLN to be part of that, by setting up part of a sim, if we possibly can, to run an SLN sponsored ‘Critical Tits‘ bike ride, reflecting the RL ‘Burning Man’s’ topless or nude bike ride.

Riders at Burning Man’s ‘Critical Tits’ bike ride

In anticipation of that, the Hipster Fair will be our first stopping off point of the year with intentions to at least be (semi) clothed when the time comes to book a part sim in order to be part of SL’s own ‘Burning Man’ festival. We’ll update on the Hipster Fair closer to the time.





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