The Newest Wrinkles

My latest go-to blog is The Newest Wrinkles, for the specific reason that they show a lot of skin. In fact, they show all of it! 🙂

As usual, I won’t use others’ photographs, as they’re possibly subject to copyright and, besides, click the link and go see for yourself.

It’s not just a case of bloggers accepting that the body isn’t something to be censored. No, my love of blogs like this is that where skins are concerned, I want to see ‘the full effect’ prior to purchase.

I think that the main blogger/editor of the site is Mena, and boy does she have a terrific thoroughness to her blogging, with each aspect of skins teased out in detail, comparing boobs, butts and the various elements of a full skin, so that the likes of you, or I, can even go as far as comparing subtle genital differences. We all know (or should know) that there’s a variation in women’s vaginal profiles, and it’s a delight to look at the photos and be able to say ‘this best matches the look I wish to achieve’. Some bloggers seem peculiarly coy in respect of allowing us a full assessment of how a skin will finally look. More than once, in the past, I’ve bought a skin which I thought would look great, only to ultimately say ‘no, those nipples aren’t me at all’.

Of course, not every avatar is desperately anxious to achieve high levels of realism (hello, furries! 🙂 ) but for those of us who do -and I feel that there are an increasing numbers for whom reality is the thing- The Newest Wrinkles’ reviews are something of a joy to behold. I’m following the blog, and will provide you with updates as they seem to particularly suit a naturist perspective.

Oh…and they aren’t afraid to show male skins either 🙂
nadine4 and guillaume_001b


nadine4 and guillaume2_001b

In the absence of using the Newest Wrinkles’ photographs -as I say, click the link!!!!- here’s a couple of shots from a recent Diane photoshoot, featuring French models Guillaume and Nadine.




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