Knickers in bed?

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Lemonicity has a new group gift, a nightshirt, available (L$0). Their advertising photos show it worn with a pair of panties but when the box is opened it’s panty free.

Yes, you could always add a pair of your own, but why bother?

There’s a whole series of articles online about how wearing knickers in bed is a healthier lifestyle choice (and an equal number saying it’s unhygienic). As with many things, it isn’t something worthy of having a debate on. It’s a case of personal choice. If you want to go to bed without undies, do it. If you want to wear panties (and a bra) to bed, do that too. Me? I can’t fathom wearing anything to bed, except when it’s particularly cold and an extra layer is for warmth, rather than modesty.



Orange Pink

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Meet ‘Orange Pink’, the tweaked avatar of SLN reader Liz, who is more than a little scathing about…

‘…a proliferation of butt ugly, skanky ho’s styling themselves as ‘models’, ‘singers’ and ‘actresses’ and ‘fashion designers’ when we all know their only claim to fame is likely to be a sex tape, a lousy rap recording, and their own logo slapped onto cheap tat clothes and sold over the odds. You have a fat azz, girl. WTF is a ‘hip hop model’?’

I (and Ella) were slightly baffled until we did some googling and saw…


…at which point everything kind of fell into place.