Knickers in bed?

nadine bedroom3_001b nadine bedroom5_001b nadine bedroom6_001b


Lemonicity has a new group gift, a nightshirt, available (L$0). Their advertising photos show it worn with a pair of panties but when the box is opened it’s panty free.

Yes, you could always add a pair of your own, but why bother?

There’s a whole series of articles online about how wearing knickers in bed is a healthier lifestyle choice (and an equal number saying it’s unhygienic). As with many things, it isn’t something worthy of having a debate on. It’s a case of personal choice. If you want to go to bed without undies, do it. If you want to wear panties (and a bra) to bed, do that too. Me? I can’t fathom wearing anything to bed, except when it’s particularly cold and an extra layer is for warmth, rather than modesty.



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