Indoor naturism

One thing we’ve not really covered before is indoor naturism or more accurately indoor nudity. Surprising, I think, as most of us will have practiced it in one form or another even if we never categorised ourselves as ‘naturist’.

We all bath or shower nude. We all pretty much stand naked in our bedrooms twice a day, for dressing and undressing purposes.


For many of us, our naturist journey perhaps begins with ‘home nudism’. Freed from the presence of others, living alone in our first student accommodation perhaps, most of us will adopt a much more relaxed attitude to the naked body, casually walking nude between bathroom and bedroom, between bedroom and kitchen. It’s here that we discover our own attitude to nudity, much more than on a beach or naturist club. Of course, there’s the heady scent of ‘sexuality’ to be added to the mix. tumblr_nhpyrdrygQ1u3wvo0o1_500

All of us will recall the first time(s) we’ve been naked with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. The sense of…not shame…more embarrassment at the moment. Am I ‘bigger’ than her previous boyfriend? Do my small breasts make me less feminine than his previous girl? Within days of embarking on a new relationship, however, we’re at ease with being exposed in front of a new love.

Naturism is like that too. Initial discomfort at the situation followed by a relaxed attitude towards it.

We all start somewhere.tumblr_my1xvnNNyg1rrowmqo1_500

Alone, or within our relationship, a casual approach to nudity develops. ‘I really don’t need knickers on to walk from the bathroom, post shower, to the bedroom’, becomes part of an unconscious thought process.

For many, of course, this is as far as the ‘naturism’, or ‘home nudity’, goes.tumblr_ncug7byUbe1rjekuqo1_1280


For others, home nudity becomes a much more regular occurrence, circumstances permitting. On an oppressive, sultry day where you’ve experienced public transport -particularly underground trains in rush hour, your face buried in someone’s rank armpit for most of the journey (anyone who has ever used the London Underground, the NY subway, the Paris Metro or other mass transit systems will know what I mean) there’s nothing better than to step out of grimy clothes and sit naked in the comfort of your own home. I know that’s one of life’s simple metropolis pleasures.



It’s your home. There are no clothes rules. And sometimes ‘no clothes’ rules. 🙂

diane indoor naturism3_001bdiane indoor naturism4_001b gabby indoor naturism2_001b gabby indoor naturism3_001b






janka nude at home2_001b










Note: this was intended to be included in SLN13. As i’m slightly incapacitated at the moment, typing wise, I’ve opted to use it now, until I’m in a position to type up new posts.



10 thoughts on “Indoor naturism

  1. We are professional couple who when not at our resort we are nude at home almost 24/7. We work, cook, dine and watch TV all while nude. That also includes outdoor nudity when temps permit. Those out door yard chores are much more enjoyable when nude. BTW, nice pics 🙂

  2. I am nude inside my place probably 95% of the time in the summer, but only about 50-75% of the time in the winter, depending on how cold it is outside. I am very heat-tolerant, but not very cold-tolerant. It is very expensive to heat my place up enough to be comfortably-nude during the winter.

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