F*** me pumps/Trollied

I hope Ella doesn’t go mad with the title to this post, partly borrowed from Amy Winehouse’s song ‘F*** me pumps’, a rather wry commentary on Britain’s (and other countries?) weekend women who conform to a certain ‘style’. Every town centre is full of them on a Friday or Saturday night. Underdressed, overly drunk, vomiting, arguing and indulging in casual sex.

Amy used the word ‘pumps’, in the sense of stiletto heeled shoes, and the phrase ‘F*** me pumps’ is defined on wikipedia in association with Amy’s song. A style of footwear worn by gold-digging women with loose morals (i.e. those of a man 😉 ) and which the wiki entry says are sometimes known as ‘FMP’s’

When I was growing up they were known as FMBs, ‘b’ for boots, rather than pumps.

The photo (above) is an extreme example of FMBs, but you get the idea.

Almost entirely unrelated to FMPs/FMBs is the same weekend behaviour of getting ‘trollied’. In UK parlance, this is to get absolutely drunk.

Which brings me to the photo, below, I found while doing other research for the blog, but manages to mash up alcohol, a supermarket trolley (possibly called a ‘cart’ elsewhere around the globe), and some naked women. There isn’t the slightest chance we could replicate this photo in SL, but I thought it was a terrific photo, hence its inclusion.


Tukinowaguma has a number of footwear items as free group items, including some that certainly fit the bill as ‘FMBs’

fmb1 fmb2


Our model is wearing them in white, but they’re also available in black, brown and snakeskin finishes.


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