Eden Kiwi Skyboxes

Hi, all.

I just happened to be online today when a notecard came through from Elbag Gable, owner of Eden, letting members know that there are now five skyboxes available at Eden Kiwi.

I’m not about to move away from my own slice of Eden paradise on Eden Eagle sim, but with Ella incapacitated I thought I’d hop over there and try to do this blogging thing as a writer.

Sorry, I’m not a writer or a photographer, but it seemed a perfect opportunity to bring to your attention what’s currently available at Eden. As well as the skybox, Elbag is throwing in a mooring berth at Eden Kiwi. You can find the board that will transport you to the various skyboxes at the board beside the post box painted, quite correctly in Royal Mail red. It’s a colour known in the UK as ‘pillar box red’, funnily enough.

Here’s a few photos that will give you a flavour of one of the boxes available (I didn’t visit all five), and many thanks to SL friend Trine for agreeing to pose in some of the photos.

howie kiwi skybox1_001b howie kiwi skybox2_001b howie kiwi skybox4_001b howie trine kiwi_001 copyb howie trine kiwi2_001b howie trine kiwi4_001b
Plenty of space, a great little balcony bedroom, fresh and airy. If you’re thinking of joining the SL naturist revolution, and looking for somewhere to live in Eden, here and now is your chance.

(Elbag and Brenda, if you’re reading, send Ella, Pookes or myself notecards for any further developments at the Estate and I’d hope to think one of us picks up on it and can do a posting on the new features. That goes for any other naturist sim owners: we’re more than happy to feature your hard work here on SLN)

howie kiwi skybox5_001b eden kiwi skybox howie_001b


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