Naked on Boats (1)

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I think we can all agree that nudity and boats go well together. The first time I and my late husband went abroad was on our honeymoon. This is away back in the early 1980s, before I even knew what ‘naturism’ was. On honeymoon we pretty much only had time for each other, and we were essentially going to bed early, rising late, and then lazing by the pool (in swimwear) the rest of the day.

One day we decided to go for a walk on a hillside path, above some cliffs, which was a bit of a mistake as we hadn’t factored in the intense Spanish sun as being so energy sapping. We sat down on the cliff’s edge, under the shade of a wall, to catch our breath, and away beneath us we saw a small motor cruiser  drop anchor. The lady of the couple was already topless, but to my utter surprise both she and her partner stripped off their swim shorts and dived off the edge of the boat naked. It seemed so erotic, so continental, so Latin.

Both of us were rather excited by the idea, so much so that later that night, emboldened by wine, we headed off hand in hand to a small cove about a mile away from our hotel, and unlike the one we’d seen earlier in the day which was inaccessible by land, at the bottom of a vertical cliff (albeit not very high), something we could scramble down onto.

It wasn’t an easy descent in the dark. Not dangerous, just something that required a little care. The ‘beach’ was shingle, maybe 30 metres wide by about 6 metres deep, and even though it was only us there, I think my heart was pounding as I took my first ever skinny dip with my husband. And -blush- I confess we made love in the warm waters at the bottom of a cliff in Menorca that night.

This hardly qualifies for our ongoing series ‘My Nude Debut’. I shall report my proper experience of that in due course. But it did make me realise that night that the the possibilities of nudity in the context of sailing was endless.

Eden Naturopolis is perfect for such an experience in SL, and Pookes has determined that we make another bit of a series out of the scenario.

There are all manner of yachts, motor cruisers and dinghies available to buy in SL.

pedalboat3_001b pedalboat4_001b
At Eden’s rotunda, the main tp point, you can rep a pedal boat and take to the waters immediately, to see if you like the idea of life on water. The idea is that we try to undertake a series of postings on boats and the possibilities for naturism on and around them. I suspect the couple we say all that time ago wouldn’t even regard themselves as naturist. They just got naked on a boat and swam naked in the sea from it.


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