For those who’ve been in SL for any length of time, the ‘LEA’ -Linden Endowment for the Arts- sims are often something special, albeit temporary, on the grid.

They’re usually artistic or inventive in nature, but the current LEA24 is something else, to my mind.

It’s a coastline! 🙂 Just a coastline. But wait!karen lea24b_001bc


It’s developed from real photographs, and seemingly terraformed  to have it rise and fall with the real geography from whence it was created. I don’t know how this was done, and I suppose that, up close, the results aren’t ‘perfect’, but it’s stunningly unique. Too often the SL geography can look a bit ‘samey’. Pristine tropical beaches from one end of the grid to the other. But this…this is marvellous, reminding me of bits of the British Isles, wild and rugged, or Brittany in France. It does create something unique, a model posed in ‘real’ geography, a wild stony beach. If you want to backdrop some photography of your own against something new, I suggest you follow the link. If this is just a taste…where might SL’s world have changed in 2-3 years? I can’t wait to see if this inspires others, or if sim builders are inspired to create something different with their coastline. For ourselves, well…you could easily skinny dip here, bearing in mind that such geography is typical of the north Atlantic, where getting into the water can be ill-advised, temperature wise, even in summer!

It suited SLN’s purposes perfectly. Given that a lot of ‘art nude’ photography is created in nature, in wild, rugged places, it makes sense to pose a model accordingly. The b&w adds to the ‘art’ element of it. By way of contrast, here’s the colour original, so you can see how LEA24 looks ‘in the flesh’.
karen lea24b_001b

karen lea24c_001b
To give an idea of the construction, here’s our model at the top of the hills, where you can see the RL photography overlaid on SL terraforming, and some SL trees added in. You can see the trees in the top photo, blending in nicely with the RL.


One thought on “LEA24

  1. You’re lucky that no staff were there. The LEA is NOT a naturist place. You can be permabanned for doing such there

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