No body is perfect, every body is beautiful

Being ‘older’ in RL, my SL avatar tries to reflect that. But naturism is an ageing lifestyle, it would appear, and there are many initiatives around the world to try to arrest its ‘decline’.

Personally, I don’t think it will ever die, but younger people will tend to simply go naked on a beach without feeling a need to be organised into a single (by region or country) entity, and possibly will fail to grasp that without a sense of organisation their ‘naturist rights’ will be rapidly diminished.

The AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation, published a Naturist Bill of Rights, which you can view, download as a pdf and print out and frame, if you wish, via this link.



With age, the metabolism slows and gravity takes its toll. It’s hard to keep in shape, but the naturist lifestyle does assist in this, lending itself to fresh air, exercise (we all swim, don’t we?) and good eating. Certainly, some of us of a certain age are no longer our younger, more beautiful or handsome selves. Balding, with a paunch, sagging breasts, but comfortable with our own body image. Confident in a way that the more lithe, younger generation lack.

When I do write for SLN it’s almost inevitably from the perspective of being older.

Even Elle McPherson, the stunning looking 50 year old actress and model (and thus a role model for exactly my generation) once said she had all sorts of flaws and imperfections, but refused to name them because she said it would make people focus on them.

Elle Macpherson & Kate Fischer - Sirens - 2_1


We, the older naturist generation (although I’d put myself down as being at the younger end of the older generation 🙂 ) are well aware of our imperfections and disregard them for the purpose of our nude recreation. None of us are ‘perfect’.

No body is perfect, but every body is beautiful.

mature1 mature2 mature3 mature4 mature5

I’m currently working on a series of interviews with older looking avatars (some of whom are naturist) in SL, to see why they choose to adopt such a look in ‘Neverland’, the SL where no one has to grow old, and the freedoms and limitations that adopting such a look entails.

I hope to publish this post soon.




Thanks for your kind wishes

ella sling_001b
In other news, it’s snowing hard here, and I’m so glad I don’t need to go out today. I’ll let Pookes press on with her ‘binge’ of posts, but I may try to get in world later today. Bear in mind, if you spot me, that typing is a bit of a pain (literally!) so conversation may be stilted if you’re chatting to me 🙂


Naked surfing

Over at the Bellisimo sim you’ll find Maoli Waves, a location where you can surf, and our models, with limited SL surfing experience I imagine, report it as being the best surfing experience in SL.

Diane took Dick over there so they could pose for some shots of them undertaking a bit of naked surfing. Note that the sim isn’t naturist but there was no one else around so…


SL photos by Diane Toxx. RL photos found on Google Images


Su Casa : The Movie, and naked karting.

It’s two years old, but I only discovered this movie earlier this week. You can download it in SD or HD formats and watch via Quick Time. Yep, it’s Su Casa : The Movie.

Which set me off in the direction of Su Casa. You’ll all know we have an office presence there, so I thought that I’d head on over to Su Casa to bring you an up to date report on what’s happening there.

While there I met up with Gray Muircastle, who owns Su Casa, and is an old friend of SLN. He brought me up to date on recent changes to Su Casa, which includes an undersea area, a mer-area, and the games section of the main sim have now moved to a skybox, which has freed up space around the main tp point.

Up in those skyboxes is a karting track, built by Su Casa officer Jenny Sidderley, and what a great job she’s done, leaving it nicely uncluttered so best to focus on the track. Naked karting? Gray and I were agreed neither of us had come across such a thing in RL naturism, although the photos below certainly suggest it has been done in RL before now.

tumblr_mk0aikxCgW1rmcr76o1_500 4059904

judy su casa_001b

A quicker way to get around. Hire (Rezz) a bike and pedal around Su Casa. Watch out for the soft sand near the beaches!

karting3_001b karting4_001b su casa kart1_001b su casa kart2_001b
n even quicker way to get around! Try some naked karting at Su Casa’s sky platform.

 Another new addition, the Mer undersea build, I’m going to leave for a separate post.



Eden Kiwi Skyboxes

Hi, all.

I just happened to be online today when a notecard came through from Elbag Gable, owner of Eden, letting members know that there are now five skyboxes available at Eden Kiwi.

I’m not about to move away from my own slice of Eden paradise on Eden Eagle sim, but with Ella incapacitated I thought I’d hop over there and try to do this blogging thing as a writer.

Sorry, I’m not a writer or a photographer, but it seemed a perfect opportunity to bring to your attention what’s currently available at Eden. As well as the skybox, Elbag is throwing in a mooring berth at Eden Kiwi. You can find the board that will transport you to the various skyboxes at the board beside the post box painted, quite correctly in Royal Mail red. It’s a colour known in the UK as ‘pillar box red’, funnily enough.

Here’s a few photos that will give you a flavour of one of the boxes available (I didn’t visit all five), and many thanks to SL friend Trine for agreeing to pose in some of the photos.

howie kiwi skybox1_001b howie kiwi skybox2_001b howie kiwi skybox4_001b howie trine kiwi_001 copyb howie trine kiwi2_001b howie trine kiwi4_001b
Plenty of space, a great little balcony bedroom, fresh and airy. If you’re thinking of joining the SL naturist revolution, and looking for somewhere to live in Eden, here and now is your chance.

(Elbag and Brenda, if you’re reading, send Ella, Pookes or myself notecards for any further developments at the Estate and I’d hope to think one of us picks up on it and can do a posting on the new features. That goes for any other naturist sim owners: we’re more than happy to feature your hard work here on SLN)

howie kiwi skybox5_001b eden kiwi skybox howie_001b


A 48 hour SL binge begins

With Ella semi-sidelined, unable to type (much) thanks to her recent close encounter with ice and resultant broken collar bone, I find myself with 48 hours free, in the middle of the week (hooray!) and all the work I can do finished. The house is looking pristine, the reports I was supposed to file for work were finished last night (in a lengthy 7pm-3am shift) and so Wednesday and Thursday, set aside for ‘home working’ are officially declared ‘free’. Let a 48 hour SL binge commence, with the intention of finishing off some of the numerous unpublished and in-progress posts we’ve got lined up. I’ll aim to get as many of those as I can completed and take the executive decision to publish, or leave them for Ella to have nothing more to do than approve them and hit the ‘publish’ button.

The emphasis will be firmly on SL (and SL naturism) but as usual will possibly include RL naturist photos for illustrative purposes.

Let me kick off with a simple round up of items I’ve spotted around the grid, items that enhance an avatar’s capacity to ‘get into SL naturist character’.

The ‘Hair Only‘ sim is a terrific idea, a simple set of buildings bordering a photogenic meadow and lake, and with some of our favourite hair designers gathered together at the same location. Emotions, Amacci, damselfly and others are all in place, and there’s a number of free gifts at the tp point. I was specifically looking for a ‘rasta’ dreadlocks type of hair, as referenced at another blog, but couldn’t find it as that blog suggested. I’ve been doing SL long enough to know when to turn detective 🙂 so I finally found the ‘No Match‘ hair store (might they be a relatively new addition to the hairstyle world?) and was delighted to find their dreads in both tied up and loose variations. Both links are on the same sim, but the ‘No Match’ store is just a little off the beaten track.

ellana rastab

ellana anton rasta5_001b

ellana anton rasta6_001b



I like dreadlocks. I’ll let you into a little secret. I wore dreads as a teenager, seduced by the whole rastafarian, Jamaican lifestyle. Those of you who’ve followed SLN for any length of time will know that I’ve gone through an enormous number of hairstyles, which sort of reflects my RL. I’ll change hairstyles regularly. I’ve got dreads in my inventory, a purchase made for nostalgic reasons reflective of RL, but they aren’t something I would wear in SL anymore as they aren’t really reflective of me. Perhaps if we ever get to do some sort of ‘nostalgia’ piece in SLN (another ‘vintage’ season, perhaps?) I’ll dig them out 🙂

Nowadays, of course, dreadlocks aren’t the sole preserve of rastafarians. Those who embody an ‘alternative’ lifestyle are enthusiasts for, and ambassadors of dreads.

239511225 1574742297 1892303193 1970790743 1996909775



F*** me pumps/Trollied

I hope Ella doesn’t go mad with the title to this post, partly borrowed from Amy Winehouse’s song ‘F*** me pumps’, a rather wry commentary on Britain’s (and other countries?) weekend women who conform to a certain ‘style’. Every town centre is full of them on a Friday or Saturday night. Underdressed, overly drunk, vomiting, arguing and indulging in casual sex.

Amy used the word ‘pumps’, in the sense of stiletto heeled shoes, and the phrase ‘F*** me pumps’ is defined on wikipedia in association with Amy’s song. A style of footwear worn by gold-digging women with loose morals (i.e. those of a man 😉 ) and which the wiki entry says are sometimes known as ‘FMP’s’

When I was growing up they were known as FMBs, ‘b’ for boots, rather than pumps.

The photo (above) is an extreme example of FMBs, but you get the idea.

Almost entirely unrelated to FMPs/FMBs is the same weekend behaviour of getting ‘trollied’. In UK parlance, this is to get absolutely drunk.

Which brings me to the photo, below, I found while doing other research for the blog, but manages to mash up alcohol, a supermarket trolley (possibly called a ‘cart’ elsewhere around the globe), and some naked women. There isn’t the slightest chance we could replicate this photo in SL, but I thought it was a terrific photo, hence its inclusion.


Tukinowaguma has a number of footwear items as free group items, including some that certainly fit the bill as ‘FMBs’

fmb1 fmb2


Our model is wearing them in white, but they’re also available in black, brown and snakeskin finishes.