First profile pic

It is being reported that a Facebook meme is ongoing right now, with people nominating others to post their first FB profile pic.

Another stupid idea on a very silly social media, but it made me wonder how much I’ve changed over the years. The oldest pic I could find in my inventory was the one below, from 2010, believe it or not. It rather looks like I didn’t even use a profile pic for the first three years of my SL!

All it tells me is that my avatar look has been pretty constant for over four years now. The glasses have changed, as they’ve done in RL, but the shape, the hair and skin have all been with me for almost half a decade now. After all that time, I think that I have an affinity with my avatar, and she has become part of me (at least when I log into SL).

Have you got any old profile pics, nude or non-nude, in your inventory? It might be amusing to check them out and follow your progression as an avatar, and the development of SL into the bargain, over the years. We’ve all made a journey from boxy clothing, rigid hair and waddling AO’s to something more realistic over 10 years. Where might we be in another five or ten years?

Canary Beck’s wonderful blog has recently been musing on what if avatars aged and died. Over four years it seems I’ve not aged, in terms of profile pic, and probably haven’t changed much in RL either in that time. But can Ella continue to maintain a similar look in another five or 10 years? Time will tell.


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