Angela Merkel nude a third time?



I think we’ve long established it isn’t her, but it’s still nice to think that some of our current political leaders could either be naturists or sympathetic to naturism. It seems that, in the past, a penchant for, at least, skinny dipping and a political career were compatible. Would that happen now in the paparazzi age?



A naked walk



Wherever I’ve gone in the naturist world, the scene above is omnipresent. People will set up camp for the day on their designated spot, and sunbathe, swim and…take a stroll!

Spain, France, Croatia, Studland Beach in England, the Baltic Coast in Germany, wherever there’s a naturist beach, people will exercise their right to exercise at some point on the day and go for a walk, alone or with their partner or friend.

It’s just something we do. It’s not about exhibitionism, either, parading yourself for all to see. You’re on a nude beach. Everyone can see you already. No, this is something more about feeling vitalised, alive, by the naturist experience. The phrase I often use is that I feel ‘plugged in’, able to experience life as it should be experienced.

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If some sim builder were to create a stretch of shoreline with one of those ‘walk hand in hand as a couple’ poses that are around the SL grid, they’d be some way along the path to re-creating a very familiar RL naturist scene in SL naturism.

Pookes is already back at work, I assume, and I return tomorrow, so the posts will thin out a little bit after a ’48 hour binge’ that lasted longer than 48 hours. Thanks to Pookes for helping me clear some of the backlog of stuff, although I see that we’ve both been thrashing away on keyboards with the result that the backlog of stuff we’d like to blog hasn’t got any slimmer 🙂 This is a good thing. We aren’t remotely running out of things to write about.

I’ll be back, blogging, on Thursday afternoon.


Is Bush back?

Is the ‘bush’ pendulum swinging?  we’ve written about this before, but now I learn there is something called the ‘full bush Brazilian‘ which

…involves removing the hair from the labia and butt crack (in accordance with Brazilian-waxing tradition) while leaving everything on top fully grown. It’s the exact opposite of non-Brazilian bikini waxes, which shape the hair on the pubic mound but leave the undercarriage untouched.

I’m not sure just how accurately SL reflects RL in this respect, but it’s clear that more avatars (male and female) are adopting a ‘natural’ look down there. Perhaps this is happening in RL too, I’ll let you know when my naturist year gets going.

In the meantime, SL’s female avatars do seem to be going in greater numbers for a little bit of a natural look and that Barbie doll/little girl look that has held sway for a decade or so seems to be on its way out, at least until the pendulum swings again.

We would have tried to illustrate this with a few examples from SL, but snapping voyeur photos in world seems to us to be as invasive of privacy as doing the same thing in real life.

alison r_001b pookes lupes chimeria_001bc venus makeover1_001b veraluz36 pose_001bc zoe bobair_001b


While Nearly Tactile remains the go-to store for female (and male) pubic hair, and Jinks does another fine ‘bush’, I note that Tokyo Girl also does pubic hair in a variety of styles and colours. We’ll be bringing you a report on that, something we’ve not previously blogged, next week.

tokyo girl pubes_001b


The styles and colours available from Tokyo Girl

For men, the Body Hair shop does a variety of styles which, again, we’ll report on next week, as well as Jaryth’s Barber Shop, which also offer 3D prim pubic hair for men (as well as other body hair).

I suspect that, next week, SLN is going to resemble a 1970s naturist magazine, given the amount of body hair we’re going to cover. 🙂