A naked walk



Wherever I’ve gone in the naturist world, the scene above is omnipresent. People will set up camp for the day on their designated spot, and sunbathe, swim and…take a stroll!

Spain, France, Croatia, Studland Beach in England, the Baltic Coast in Germany, wherever there’s a naturist beach, people will exercise their right to exercise at some point on the day and go for a walk, alone or with their partner or friend.

It’s just something we do. It’s not about exhibitionism, either, parading yourself for all to see. You’re on a nude beach. Everyone can see you already. No, this is something more about feeling vitalised, alive, by the naturist experience. The phrase I often use is that I feel ‘plugged in’, able to experience life as it should be experienced.

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If some sim builder were to create a stretch of shoreline with one of those ‘walk hand in hand as a couple’ poses that are around the SL grid, they’d be some way along the path to re-creating a very familiar RL naturist scene in SL naturism.

Pookes is already back at work, I assume, and I return tomorrow, so the posts will thin out a little bit after a ’48 hour binge’ that lasted longer than 48 hours. Thanks to Pookes for helping me clear some of the backlog of stuff, although I see that we’ve both been thrashing away on keyboards with the result that the backlog of stuff we’d like to blog hasn’t got any slimmer 🙂 This is a good thing. We aren’t remotely running out of things to write about.

I’ll be back, blogging, on Thursday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “A naked walk

  1. Naturalian, you’re way ahead of us! 🙂 There’s a post coming up on that very issue, as to why women go topless, have just a bit of dental floss between the cheeks of their bottom…yet won’t go ‘bottomless’ for all that’s left to cover! Ditto men in skimpy thongs that leave nothing to the imagination regarding size, cut/uncut, etc. Why people maintain that last ‘scrap of fabric’ defeats me.


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