Freebies for men

There seems to be a little bit of a bonanza for male avatars this weekend. First, 7 Deadly Skins have reduced their group membership fee to L$0.

And Bade have a nice, free hair out right now.

Which is exactly what Markus had been doing when I ran into him at the ‘Naked’ sim earlier. I can never pass a terrific looking avatar (male or female) without remarking on them looking terrific.

markys before_001b


Markus before his mini-makeover

markys after_001b

…and after.

What are you waiting for fellas? This mini-makeover is free and you’ll look hot!




50 shades of objectionable nonsense (3)

A real life dominatrix lays into the movie in Rolling Stone.

Cheyenne Picardo doesn’t hold back in her critique (and I suppose a dominatrix holding back would be something of a contradiction in terms. Well, not quite, but you get the idea).

pologies for the language included in the photo, but it’s exactly how this book would be described where I live.


What would concern me is that, by the end of the weekend, there’s thousands who are so sheep-like in their behaviour that they’ll want to try this sort of nonsense out, and for some the total control over a female may be a core part of it. I’m not against people experimenting, but I’d be against people getting the idea that this apparently errant approach to the theme is the ‘right’ way to do it.



Fifty shades of objectionable nonsense (1)


So, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is out in the cinema and by all accounts the critics appear to be agreed it’s a lousy film based on a lousy book.

I’ve not read it: this sort of literature, even well written, wouldn’t be my first choice of reading material, and the excerpts I’ve read from various online sources would suggest that it is really pedestrian, unimaginative but unintentionally hilarious purple prose.

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”

Surely someone didn’t actually write that and have it published?

“I gasp, and I’m Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he’s the serpent, and I cannot resist.”

Stop it! I know there’s a BDSM theme going on in it, but those words cause me immense pain me as an example of ‘literature’.

“He’s naked except for those soft ripped jeans, top button casually undone. Jeez, he looks so freaking hot. My subconscious is frantically fanning herself, and my inner goddess is swaying and writhing to some primal carnal rhythm.”

If a man had written this book there would have been uproar from feminists about him inflicting all sorts of things upon her, but because the writer is female, it seems to have negated much of the justifiable criticism of it as an excuse for domestic violence (if we define domestic violence in the broadest sense).

“Laters, baby”

I agree with those criticisms. And those criticisms. And those criticisms. And dozens of other criticisms.

Choosing to release it on St Valentine’s Day is also a crass move. The film is not about romance, it’s about control; not the basis for any healthy relationship.

I think I shall prefer to spend the evening with a nice bottle of wine, my beloved, some candlelight, and some soft music instead. Should one thing lead to another, it will be a gentle, mutually loving experience, not this objectionable ’50 shades’ nonsense.


Fifty Shades of objectionable nonsense (2)

Fifty shades of guilt by association?

The execrable Daily Mail somehow manages to link ‘5o shades of drivel’ to swingers resorts and taint naturism through guilt by association.

‘Journalism’ of the laziest type helps to reinforce the image of naturism as something linked to sordid partner-swapping antics and, just as bad, now infers that BDSM activities, as evidenced in the ‘Fifty Shades’ book and film, are part of the lifestyle.2592399A00000578-2949110-Nudist_beach-a-5_1423730815177

Shameful ‘journalism’, but not unexpected from the wretched Daily Mail.

One photo caption reads ‘Desire resorts have two bases in Mexico, with both catering for swingers and adults who want to ‘experiment’

No mention of naturists in this, but by then the damage has been done.