An interesting naturist weekend, in and out of SL.

It was a rather interesting naturist weekend for me, in and out of SL.

On Friday night I was at the Commune’s naked dance, when our publisher Howie (also a member of the Commune) popped online and tp’ed over to join me. So naturally we posed with an important message for the world…

ella howie commune_001b


Part of Saturday was spent booking tickets for the summer holidays, and this morning a friend drove me up to the Western Baths in Glasgow. A bit of a hike for me, not something I’ve done before, or would necessarily do regularly, but it was fascinating to see these old Victorian Baths first hand and, yes, attend my first ever organised naturist swim. It was an interesting experience, and something I would repeat again were it not such a drive from where I live (and back again).

I shall certainly be trying to attend the Commune’s dance again next Friday night, so if you’re online, pop over and say ‘hello’. It begins at 10pm, GMT, and I generally get over there about 1045pm. I’m sure I can squeeze in a bit of SLN related work if you wish to discuss anything about the blog.


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