I bloody well hate Queen © The RL Mr. Keng….

Her Maj? A dedicated individual who has been the figurehead of a nation for six(!) decades. I’ve nothing but admiration for her. Respect, etc.

The band? Overblown, bombastic bollocks, (© Mr. Keng, any year since I’ve known him 🙂 )

Some things are ‘real’.

Other things are fake.

Some things, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Jeff Haynes photos...are these RL photos? Or Second Life photos?

It’s hard impossible to tell the difference.


Check out Jeff’s website. Marvellous photography.

And we’d love it if you were to do a small album of RL/SL photos, Jeff.






2 thoughts on “I bloody well hate Queen © The RL Mr. Keng….

  1. Well hello, Ella! Thank you for your kind endorsement. You have precisely described one of my favorite places to work — the borderline of real and unreal. I have some new things planned, at least one of which should be completed this week.

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