Driving naked, and rather lovely SL cars.


For decades, cars have been promoted with a female model draped over it, sometimes not wearing very much.

I was lucky enough to find the photo above on line, of a model standing next to an Audi, and a lighthouse -something of an SLN trope- in the background.

howie and car_001b

So here I am, standing next to an Audi (no lighthouse visible, though) which was a Midnight Mania prize at Knight Performance, a showroom that sells hi-spec cars. The Audi is still the Midnight Mania prize at the time of me writing this, so if you want to tp over, join the group (free) and slap the board.

What has this got to do with naturism? Not a lot, although it does give me the chance to tell you about some of the times I’ve driven naked, which is a lovely experience. Where circumstances have dictated, I’ve hopped in the car from a camping pitch (at a French naturist site) and driven to the campsite’s shop nude. I’ve also driven in Spain, at Vera Playa -Ella’s regular haunt (no, we’ve never met in person yet)- for about 10 miles to a friend’s house in the hills beyond the coastline. They own a house away off the beaten track and they live a naturist lifestyle out there. What was even better was that we’d hired a convertible, so it was top down (and bottoms down too! 😉 ) for a drive out there on a quiet Sunday morning to spend the day by our friend’s pool out in the hills.

Below, my SL friend Heather poses with me in a replication of that wonderful Sunday morning’s drive, although thankfully we didn’t break down or have to stand naked at the side of the road awaiting a tow truck.

howie heather  and car_001b



2 thoughts on “Driving naked, and rather lovely SL cars.

  1. Driving naked? -Nothing For me.
    Have been driving my Audi A4 with leather upholstery a ten minutes drive from the beach in a bikini.
    My car that stood for four-five hours on a sunny parking lot is was very warm and even if the ACC work effectively so it takes time for leather upholstery to become cool again. The upholstery burned against the skin

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