Woodstock Wednesdays at Commune Utopia.

‘Go over to Commune Utopia’, Ella said, ‘and get me some photos from a non-naked night…the atmosphere, the vibe, the…whatever’.

By chance, pure chance, I landed in on ‘Woodstock Wednesdays’, a night when what I suppose would be classified as folk/blues/country solo acts -certainly this evening- are performing. Generally I play SL in silence, sound muted. But the nature of the evening was that it seemed important to turn the sound up and…wow!

First, Vinnie, doing a varied set of songs, followed by Whirli Placebo, doing a mix of covers and original songs and then Dango.

vinnie commune 2

An atmospheric shot of Vinnie against the fading light of sunset

vinnie commune 3

Vinnie performing on the Commune Utopia stage

vinnie commune 4

A refreshing ‘clothing optional’ atmosphere exists at Commune Utopia at any time

vinnie commune 5

Vinnie performing to a decent crowd at Commune Utopia

All three performers were stunningly good. Ostensibly there to take photos for SLN, I sort of gave up at a couple of points in the evening and moved away from my computer to my comfy chair so I could listen to the music. I don’t ever recall doing that in SL before, so after several years of this game, I’ve managed to find something brand new and exciting.

whirli placebo prepares to takt the stage

Whirli Placebo, possessed of a great voice and a pocketful of truly marvellous original songs.

Whirl even managed to name-check me during his set. Is this the equivalent of a total unknown Courtney Cox being pulled out of the audience for ‘Dancing in the Dark’ with Bruce Springsteen?

diane and 'hunk'
Or you can just stand next to hunky guys… 😉

At the real Woodstock festival (the pic above is from 1994), topless crowdsurfing seems to be ‘a thing’, and so….

diane topless_001b

…slightly starstruck by this stage -the music was really good- I shuffled up to Dango as he prepared to take the stage and..well, we are SLN. What’s a post without some nudity? 😉

I’m sorry to say that I, and some others, judging by a very lively, vocal crowd, were having some difficulties hearing Dango, which was disappointing, as it was almost certain that his set would have been as entertaining as those who preceded him. Others did seem to be able to hear the set correctly, I should say.

dango onstage_001b

dango's set

The event was superbly hosted by SoCo Southern Comfort, and it was one of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had in SL for a long time. Usually, I get wrapped up in the photos, but this time I was able to do that while enjoying the music, and I’ll certainly make an effort to revisit the Commune’s ‘Woodstock Wednesdays’ in the future.

While it’s not exactly ‘rolling 24 hour news’, I’m guessing that this is the closest SLN has come to a ‘live’ report, as the evening is still ongoing as I publish this post. 🙂 And there’s 40 minutes of it left.