Is she old, is she fat, or is she beautiful?

I don’t spend time scouring naturist blogs or photo sites, except for reasons of research for real life (recommended restaurants, etc) or for this, a Second Life blog.

Quite frankly, I’m appalled by some of the (male written?) sexist, size-ist, ageist commentaries I read, often on sites purporting to be ‘naturist’. Clearly, they don’t get naturism at all, it’s just another source of nakedness for masturbation purposes.

I’ll read captions like ‘naturist Mum with a beautifully shaved pussy’. Really? A woman enjoying the sensuous breath of warm air on her skin and you’re focussed on her waxing or razor routine? Not really in the spirit of naturism. She has many attributes and you can focus on just three points of interest, breast & nipple a, breast and nipple b, and genital area.

Worse is when such photos are captioned on the lines of ‘tanned slut’ or ‘milf whore’. Is this really your view on women? Isn’t it time you grew up or, even better, stopped blogging or posting photos on tumblr? Who are you to cast aspersions on her morality? And how dare you apply a different system or measurement to her morality than you would apply to yourself.

Then there are those who will comment on a more mature naturist who may be carrying more weight than she once did.

‘Put those saggy hangers away, love’.
tumblr_njokkbTAiC1twef68o1_1280 tumblr_nkhne8s8DY1sq9fxzo1_400

So what do you see in the photos above? Women who are overweight? A couple who are ‘too old’? (For what?). What I see are beautiful people, people at ease with their naked selves and devoid of any hang ups about their own ‘imperfect’ (as they might probably judge themselves) figures. We’re not all rakish supermodels oblivious to the ravages of time and the benefits of airbrushing, so fellas, get over it. All naked bodies are beautiful bodies. Respect those who are photographed. Respect their confidence. Admire their smiles and their sense of life, of fun, of enjoying nature. And reflect on whether you, a teenager in your 20s or 30s, will ever grow up to be as beautiful as them.


Madonna’s fall last week at the ‘Brit’ Music Awards prompted some people to talk about ‘Grandma’ (she’s 56) needing a walking stick and such like. Oh that those sneering will have as much life about them at the same age.

Time to grow up, fellas, it’s time to grow up with the ‘fat’, the ‘old’ or the ‘slut’ descriptions and acknowledge the beauty in everyone. Alternatively, just stop tumblr-ing. You’re an embarrassment, mostly to yourselves.







4 thoughts on “Is she old, is she fat, or is she beautiful?

  1. I’m willing to bet a very large percentage of those hyper critical voices come from people who would never dare venture out nude. It’s almost a pity, considering their vile comments about others likely stem from the hatred they feel for their own bodies. But yes, everyone should have the sense to know better. So no, I don’t pity the trolls.

  2. Brilliant post should be recognized by a lot more people. And honestly wish a lot more people felt this way. Bravo.

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