Well done Australia!

Australians have set a new world record for the number of skinny dippers. 790 naked people made it into the water, so congratulations to all of them.

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Let’s pull some quotes out of the article where I read this:

‘In my 23 years of existence, I have never felt as accepted and as comfortable as I did today, standing naked with 790 people,’ said participant Sarah Jimmy


‘If I had been given this experience as a teenager, to see everyone as they are,

and to realise just how different and beautiful everyone is in the own way,it would have saved me from years of self doubt.

‘Everyone had a smile on their face.’

Not all will have been ‘naturists’. Indeed, it’s likely that self-confessed naturists will have been in the minority of the 790 dippers.

Which goes to show that in the right circumstances many people will happily shed their clothing to become ‘naturist’, if only for a brief time. So how are you going to change, world, to make the circumstances right for everyone, all of the time?


There’s no feeling more wonderful, more natural, to enjoy the sun on your skin and to swim without restrictive clothing. Everyone should have the opportunity to try it.


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