Carpe Diem at the Commune

The plan is to go to Commune Utopia this evening, Wednesday, for their ‘Woodstock Wednesdays’ night. In anticipation of that I teleported over there last night, Tuesday, with the intention of checking out who was playing tonight and also getting a few general overview shots.

The night’s events took a rather different turn and it all got to be such wild fun that I ended up still in SL at 1.30am with a 700am alarm call ahead of me.

Firstly I ran into WTF, a friend of Ella’s, who introduced me to Chim, his partner and they, in turn introduced me to Hilaire, one of the Commune’s helpers.

You know how it works with SLN. First I mention that we should do a couple of group, nude shots and the next thing I know I’m in the middle of a conga line, followed by a jacuzzi crammed with naked bods, everyone chattering away, and then another little naked photo session with new arrivals.

commune1 commune2 commune3 commune4 commune5 commune7 commune8 commune9 commune10 commune11


There’s no ‘story’ as such. We turned up, we got naked and we had so much fun it was incredible. Really, is there anywhere in SL that can match the naked sociability of Commune Utopia right now? Clearly it’s all about ‘carpe diem’, seizing the day, and that’s something we did last night. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem at the Commune

  1. We’ve been following (and sharing) you for quite some time, but I have to admit that the whole SL thing is still somewhat strange to ‘real world’ people like us.

    Age may have something to do with it since we didn’t grow up with this and aren’t gamers or particularly social online as our kids are. I (Steve) tried out some of the early sims long ago but got too busy raising kids to stay with it. It’s come a long way since!

    But one thing’s for sure: SL Naturist is one helluva promo for the genre, and you do a great job of making it look interesting, rewarding, and fun for those who may want to give it a try! We applaud you for that, and for the articles which apply not only to SL naturism but real life nudism/naturism as well.

    You promote the ‘right’ ideals as we see them, and advocate for ‘real’ naturism as much as for SL. Keep up the good work and keep having fun!

    We’ll be sharing this one on our website soon; it’s just too entertaining NOT to share!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I’m 38 later this year, so not exactly part of the gaming generation either. The difference between gaming and SL is that in SL YOU direct events, not follow some pre-determined set of outcomes as may be found in the algorithms of shoot ’em up fantasy stuff. I have no real computer skill, and have tried building in SL, which I find to be something that MAY be more for a computer generation, as I can’t fathom how to do it at all.

    I was speaking, at a naturist sim, to a woman -a widow- in her 70s, and her only ever experience of naturism was away back in the 60s, on a Greek Beach, on honeymoon with her husband. The times, the arrival of children and so on ensured she never repeated that ‘magical’ night, but she told me that she adores SL and the SL naturist communities where she can utilise the game to conjure up memories of that night and her late husband. That, I think, is testament to how good SL can be from time to time.


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